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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Anyaorah Set to Transfer

From UGA release...

University of Georgia basketball player Ebuka Anyaorah has requested, and been granted, a release from his athletic scholarship, indicating his intention to transfer from the University, according to an announcement Wednesday from head coach Mark Fox.

"I’d like to wish Ebuka the best as he continues his career," Fox said. "I really appreciate his contributions to our program during the past year."

Anyaorah, a 6-4 guard from Suwanee, played in 28 of 31 games of the 2010 season, his only year of participation for the Bulldogs. He averaged 2.7 points, 1.4 rebounds and 10.5 minutes per game, with his season high of nine points coming in Georgia’s win over Florida on Feb. 27.

A stress fracture in his right tibia, and the subsequent surgery to repair it, forced Anyaorah to miss the entire 2009 season. He played the 2010 campaign as a redshirt freshman.

“I have enjoyed my time at Georgia, but I have decided to pursue some other options in college basketball in hopes of more playing time,” Anyaorah said. “I just believe that it is in my best interests to explore other playing opportunities. I’ve made lasting friendships with my UGA teammates and I wish them nothing but success in the future.”


Anyaorah's departure marks the third player to transfer from Georgia this spring, following forward Drazen Zlavoric and guard DeMario Mayfield. Last year, guard Zac Swansey and forward Troy Brewer left following the end of the SEC tournament.

Mark Fox had praised Anyaorah's development as recently as three weeks ago at the Macon Bulldog Club meeting, calling him part of an improved -- and deeper -- backcourt. The sophomore's departure won't likely have a major impact on the starting lineup, but given the precarious depth this team has had for the past several years, his decision definitely stings a bit.


Anonymous said...

Oh wow. I hope that this is more a reflection of the talent we have coming in than anything. Geez...can UGA have one freaking offseason without 2-3 basketball players leaving early due to transfer or dismissal?

Ginny said...

Anon- This is definitely a reflection of the talent coming in. Anyaorah and the others are DGDs...just not SEC basketball calibur players. We have some great recruits coming in and they just saw the writing on the wall. Good luck to all of them.

Anonymous said...

Yea....I actually see this as a good thing. Georgia used to be the school basketball players would transfer TO when they were "looking for more playing time".

Anonymous said...

So what are the numbers like now?
I don't know much about how many you can bring in in B-ball each year. How many schollys do we have have open now?

Anonymous said...

Weeding and seeding ala Nick Saban except Faox is no Nick Saban. In fact he is not even Mark Richt.