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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wednesday Links (6/9)

Straight to the links today...

-- I have a story in today's Telegraph on the arrival of Georgia's 2010 freshmen class and how some of them are fitting in so far.

-- Big commitment news: That "Dream Team" is getting closer to a reality as Georgia nabs Nick Marshall -- the top athlete in the state. Marshall will play DB at Georgia and will also walk on to the basketball team.

-- Georgia Sports Blog discusses why the Nick Marshall commitment is such a big deal.

-- Dean Legge talks about all the success of Georgia's 2011 recruiting season in his latest column.

-- The Senator highlights some of the good news about Georgia offered by Phil Steele.

-- Ben Dukes chimes in with some fresh and well-thought-out perspective on those combine numbers Georgia released last week. Funny how sensible people can seem when they're not overreacting.

-- Speaking of perspective, The Chapel Bell digs a bit deeper into the Nance/Pugh craptacular yesterday.

-- With Aaron Murray's Georgia career set to begin officially in a mere 87 days, Bubba N Earl look back at the debuts of other notable Bulldogs QBs.

-- I got to visit with our pal Macon Dawg from Dawg Sports at the Pigskin Preview yesterday, and he does a nice job of summing up the non-Dave Hale highlights of the day's events.

-- The Augusta Chronicle calls the 2010 season "crucial" for Mark Richt and looks at how last year's failures are fueling him this season.

-- Mark Richt chatted about the challenge Bill Curry has in store at Georgia State.

-- Bleacher Report talks up the potential for safety Nick Williams in 2010.

-- Team Speed Kills follows up with some more thoughts on local media rights and how it might pertain to conference expansion.

-- The MLB draft took its toll on Georgia's pitching rotation.

-- Dave Perno talks to the folks at 960 the Ref about the MLB draft and the future for the Diamond Dogs.

-- This move by Florida seems absurdly short-sighted to me, particularly with Tim Tebow not around to protect them anymore.

-- Michael Carvell's story on Cam Bedrosian has nothing to do with UGA, but there's so much to like in this piece that I had to link to it. Of course, my favorite is the 1986 Topps card of Cam's dad pictured at the bottom.

-- Truth be told, I actually thought this number seemed kinda low, but then again, $2.7 billion for doing absolutely nothing is still some pretty good scratch. I'm hoping repeats of my blog posts can earn a few bucks a month after I move on.

-- I'm completely over "Jersey Shore" but if you're still on the bandwagon, here's a preview of what you'll see in Season 2.

-- In today's installment of '80s entertainment being brought back to life: It's Voltron!

-- And here's some '90s retro: An interview with Jaleel White about his days playing Steve Urkel.

-- Marky Mark says there will be a final six-episode season of "Entourage" followed by a movie to wrap the show up. I'm good with that.

-- I enjoyed this commentary on the future of newspapers from The Onion. (h/t David... by the way, David, don't forget to pick your kids up from soccer practice at 4:30.)

-- And speaking of The Onion, they broke some major news coming out of Athens this week.

-- And finally, I wanted to say thanks for all the TV feedback on Monday. I got some great suggestions on adding to my viewing schedule.

I got a lot of recommendations for "Dexter," which I actually already watch. After a disappointing Season 3, last year's episodes with John Lithgow were fantastic, and I'll definitely start writing a bit more about it when Season 5 begins. Oh, and by the way, Julia Stiles will be guest-starring on this season of "Dexter."

A bunch of folks chimed in for me to watch "Arrested Development," too. I'm an idiot for not watching it when it first aired -- and I'm still very hopeful for the movie to get made. But... I've actually watched the entire series during the last six weeks or so. It's available in Netflix's instant queue, so if you've never watched, make it part of your summer viewing. Best. Comedy. Ever. (I woke up the other morning laughing about the name of Scott Baio's character -- Bob Loblaw, author of Bob Loblaw's Law Blog. Classic.)

Anyway, tons of good recommendations from you guys, but there's no way I can watch them all and still manage to keep up the blog. So... I'm thinking for now I'm going to start "Breaking Bad," which I've heard nothing but good things about. I'd love to watch "Mad Men" on DVD before the new season begins, but I'm not sure if that's possible. I got a ton of feedback on "Justified," but I'll probably wait for this first season to come out on DVD and get on board for Season 2. I started watching "Treme" but my DVR screwed me by deleting a couple of episodes I hadn't gotten a chance to watch yet, so I need to catch up on that somehow. And I'm still weighing my options with "Sons of Anarchy," "Fringe," "The Shield" and "Rescue Me" -- all of which I'd like to watch, but I probably don't have time for more than one.

And one final possibility: This new show features a ton of likable folks (including the judge from "The Wire") and offers a lot of Lost-style intrigue. It's set to air on AMC -- which has offered up a lot of quality content lately -- so I'm thinking I'll have to check it out, too.


JenniferfromLaJolla said...

The story in the Onion is clearly inaccurate--Indie rock started 30 years ago--not 25.

Oh, and I have a Steve Bedrosian baseball card from when he played for the Richmond Braves--not sure that would make you happy though.

Robert said...

Great news about Marshall!

And yes, Breaking Bad may be the best show on television. It is simply incredible.

ben said...

sons of anarchy. season 1 will take no time at all to watch. great mix between biker gang and shakespearean tragedy

Anonymous said...

Breaking Bad is definitely a must-watch. The acting and storyline on that show is phenomenal. I also strongly recommend Sons of Anarchy. I can't wait for the new season this fall.

Harvey Birdman said...

Watch the comedy "Party Down" on netflix instant right now. Hilarious.

Brad said...

Rescue Me is probably my favorite show on television. It offers everything from comedy to heart wrenching drama, with plenty of "Well my life may be bad, but good God look at these people." With that said, the biggest problem with Rescue Me is their irregularity in showtimes. They've skipped a whole year, then come back with a 22 episode season, changed start dates, etc. Therefore, while it comes highly recommended from me, I would suggest checking out some of the other shows first (all of those you mentioned are, I believe, shorter - Rescue Me is on its 6th or 7th season), especially with the new season set to air next month.

Nate said...


You should really give Fringe a try. John Noble is outstanding on that show. Plus, I'm always waiting for Dawson or Joey to walk into the scene when Joshua Jackson is on.

meat said...

"We're going to have six episodes next year and end with a bang and then in the trailer you see [Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven) and his associate, Lloyd] waking up together in Vegas not knowing what happened."

That's an interesting plot line. I can't remember it ever being tried before. Kudos for creativity Marky Mark.

Anonymous said...

Is the photographer for the telegraph really named Jason Vorhees, or is that some kind of inside joke?

Kathleen said...

Zombies, the Onion, Arrested Development. The Fun Trifecta in one blog entry.

Big Muddy Dawg said...

Regarding the University of Florida vs. Zombie Apocalypse, am I to understand that they willingly removed plans for just such an eventuality?

And we, on the other hand, make an offer to a recruit who is quoted as saying “I’ve seen probably every zombie movie ever made. That’s why I have short hair. If you have long hair or a mullet they’ll grab it from behind.”

Clearly we are on the side of all that is just and right in this world.

Anonymous said...

Of course, all Joshua jackson gets is a lame Dawson's creek joke!