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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Video Tour of Butts-Mehre Expansion

Be sure to check out my feature in today's Telegraph on the Butts-Mehre expansion.

And if you haven't seen the photos of our tour through the construction, you can view them HERE and HERE.

And, finally, here's a quick video tour of the new facilities, courtesy of our pal Brandon Spoon...


csa said...

Can't wait to see it when it's done, how about a video tour when it's complete?

Ally said...

I noticed this video from ghostoferkrussell on youtube. It's the dedication of Butts-Mehre in 1987 Check out the shot of the weight room haha.

Thanks so much for the photos & video David (and Spoon too!)

Corbindawg said...


How will this construction affect the practice fields and summer workouts? Will it have a detrimental effect on summer conditioning/summer camps?

David Hale said...

The players seem to think it's not going to have any effect, but I guess we won't know until the season starts. Players are still getting their workouts in, they're running outdoors -- which is probably good given the heat -- and the lower practice fields are still available. If anything, it's probably cut into practice time for the specialists, but I don't think UGA has much to worry about with Butler/Walsh this year.

Charles said...

Interesting, thanks David. That siding stuff they are using is the same stuff used on the outside of Soccer City (the main soccer stadium in South Africa) which you can see on display at the World Cup and on ESPN around the clock these days

joe_h said...

Just one dawg's opinion, but the turf area is a waste of space. That area could have been better used to build an even bigger weight room and training areas. Even with a 12,000 square foot weight room, we still lag far behind our rivals who have weight rooms in excess of 18,000 square feet. The weight room should have been at least doubled to 16,000 square feet. The training room should also be larger. Instead, we build a half-ass indoor area to appease Richt, and it's still nowhere near big enough to do anything productive in.

Everything else looks first class. I'm sure they weight room and training rooms will be as well. They just aren't as big as they needed to be in order to match up with our SEC rivals. But hey, we've got a mini-me indoor facility.

To tell the truth, the players lounge is not big enough either.