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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saturday's Loose Ends

Tying up a few loose ends from last week...

-- If you haven't seen it already, go back and check out PART ONE and PART TWO of our photo tour of the new Butts-Mehre construction. I'll have a full story on it in tomorrow's Telegraph, along with some video of the tour posted one the blog.

-- I mentioned during Part One of the photo tour that I was utterly perplexed by the logo for the 1974 Tangerine Bowl, which Georgia has a plaque in its team room commemorating. The logo features a pair of crutches for some reason, which seemed odd to me. Anyway, I happened to come across a picture I took of it a couple years ago, so you can get a first-hand look...

Upon first view, you'd assume the bowl had a lot of injuries or something, right? Anyway, you can understand my confusion.

Of course, as luck would have it, an anonymous reader came up with what seems a likely explanation:

"I think I have an answer for the Tangerine Bowl (now the Cap 1 Bowl). The original purpose -- according to the media guide -- 'was to benefit the Harry Anna Children’s Hospital for disabled children and was organized by the Elk’s Club, a volunteer-driven fraternal organization.'"

Big thanks to whoever did that research for me.

-- One of my favorite stories from this past week that I completely forgot to mention was Arkansas affirming its allegiance to the SEC. I can only assume they had to do this to keep Bobby Petrino from looking for another job. You know, he's always wanted to coach in the SEC, and if the Hogs left for another conference, Petrino would have to start angling for the LSU job or something.

-- Following up on some TV discussion: I've watched all of Season 1 of "Breaking Bad" in the past four days. I'm officially hooked. Bryan Cranston is awesome.

-- And lastly, I wanted to do my good deed for the day and address a concern from our pal T Kyle King.

Kyle followed my Twitter updates from Thursday's meetings with players and was a bit worried about something Aaron Murray had to say.

Likewise, I became concerned when I read this statement: "Murray doing 'shoulder maintenance' work to make sure his arm doesn't get hurt again and won't overload his arm by throwing too much now."

I can understand King's concern, but the bigger problem here was simply that 140 characters doesn't allow for much context, so I think my Tweet may have been a bit misleading. Murray actually addressed the concern that "shoulder maintenance" meant his shoulder was still a problem. Not true, he said.

Murray actually recounted the experiences of his brother, Josh, who underwent Tommy John surgery while playing baseball. The doctors told him that players these days actually like the surgery because they believe it makes their arms stronger. That's not the case, the doctor said. It's the rehab that strengthens their arms, and if they simply did that same rehab work before getting injured, they could build up arm strength and avoid injury all at the same time.

"The rehab and bands and weights is a way to make my arm stronger so I can throw it harder and throw it longer. It's a beneficial thing for me as a quarterback. It's basically working my arm out.My tool is my right arm, so I need to make sure my arm is in great shape for the season so it can endure the punishment that a season puts on it."

Murray says his arm feels great and said he's throwing with more zip than ever before. Take that for what you will.

-- And, to follow up on King's last point... allow me to join the chorus of folks welcoming Doug Gillet back to blogging.


Woolly Butts said...

Breaking Bad is indeed a great show. If you're only on season 1, you haven't seen how deeply it probes into the violent side of the meth trade. The article in the new Time magazine (,9171,1997449,00.html) gets at what a serious problem this is.

Anonymous said...

Did you hear the one about the Rabi and the farmer's daughter?

UGA69Dawg said...

Am's arm is going to get a real work out if he is the only full-time QB throwing to all of the receivers. I guess the walk-on's and GA's are going to be throwing a lot too.