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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Can Smith Get the Crompton Treatment?

Stat of the day, courtesy of the keen insight of Mr. Tyler Estep:

Passing Yards
Passing Attempts
Georgia Tech
898 75 113
Vanderbilt 880 173 114

OK, so none of us figured that Georgia's secondary could make Johnathan Crompton look good last week, and he looked like a Heisman contender. So anything's possible.

But Larry Smith and the Commodores have 18 fewer passing yards this season than Georgia Tech, despite 98 more passing attempts. That's beyond Crompton. (In fact, can we start using the phrase "beyond Crompton" on a more regular basis? Ugh, the ratings for "Cougar Town" are beyond Crompton. Or, holy cow, the calories in this Hardees burger are beyond Crompton.)

So, the common sense theory is that Georgia's D gets a little break this week -- and maybe even another in a few weeks, considering Florida's passing attack has been far from stellar.

But here are Larry Smith's numbers for the season:

Opponent YardsComp%
W Carolina
153 55.6 1 0
LSU 88 45.8 0 1
Miss St
124 37.5 0 1
Rice 268 56.1 0 1
Ole Miss
69 37.0 1 1
Army 144 45.8 0 2

If Georgia's DBs make Smith look better than Rice did, that Florida game is going to get ugly.


traderdawg said...

Sadly I watched part of Cougar Town last night and have to agree its beyond Crompton. Not a bad idea for Showtime Original or Skinamax but destined for failure as is.

I won't be surprised at all if Vandy is able to pass on us and why wouldn't they try?

Schlagdawg said...

David, the football articles on the AJC are beyond Crompton.
That's why I'm a constant follower of your blog!

Anonymous said...

Inspite of the fact tebow is averaging 117 yards passing a game in the SEC, he will probably light us up if we can not get pressure on him.

Anonymous said...

The LARRY SMITH FOR HEISMAN campaign begins Saturday.

Anonymous said...

mark my words, smith will have a career did garcia, mallet, crompton, etc.. always been taught to play the odds, and the odds are, he'll throw for 250+ with a couple of TD's..

UGA69Dawg said...

If he can roll he can score. Thats the Georgia Way.