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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thursday Links (10/1)

A quick batch o' links for today...

-- Don't forget... we're chatting live at noon. Just mash your mouse HERE.

-- LSU has a new defensive coordinator this season, which if you ask Mark Bradley, puts the Tigers well ahead of Georgia in terms of decision making.

-- Bernie has some locker notes for a few key players this week.

-- You'll love the eye black Rantavious Wooten is planning to wear for the LSU game. Seriously.

-- Linebacker Khairi Fortt plans to decide on his college choice on Monday, and while he's being wooed by all the big names, his father called the trip to UGA "impressive." (h/t Jim)

-- Les Miles talked about the Georgia game with Dan Patrick.

-- Buck Belue says that a key player in this week's game could be... Sanders Commings? (And I completely agree.)

-- Glory, Glory wraps its head around just how important this game against LSU is for Georgia.

-- If you guys aren't reading The Grit Tree regularly, do yourself a favor and at least put it atop your Wednesday reading list.

-- This is going to be a big recruiting weekend for the Bulldogs. There will also be a ton of former players in town for the game, too. Those two things probably go really well together.

-- Fletcher Page wonders if Georgia is battle tested after four tough games or burned out.

-- The Banner-Herald writes that Justin Houston's return has had a big impact on the Dawgs' D.

-- The Chattanooga Times Free Press is the latest to offer praise of A.J. Green.

-- Wait, scratch that... Chris Low from ESPN is the latest to offer praise of A.J. Green.

-- About Them Dawgs! takes a deeper look at the turnover issue and sees big problems.

-- Tony Barnhart wonders how much of a weapon Russell Shepard will be against Georgia.

-- And the Valley Shook writes that LSU shouldn't get too cute with defensive schemes but should just let Patrick Peterson do his thing covering A.J. Green. Honestly, this matchup is probably one of the two or three best we'll see all season at Georgia. I'm excited about it.

-- For LSU, this week's game is as much about revenge as it is about setting the stage for this season.

-- The facelift begins on Stegeman Coliseum.

-- Apparently a Ramones biopic is in the works. Wasn't Vince supposed to star in this on "Entourage"?

-- Check out this live, unreleased Nirvana track.

-- I'm so out of the loop... there was a semi-reunion of R.E.M. at the 40 Watt the other night, and I heard nothing about it.

-- And finally, this makes you wonder how people could have so much time for art and so little time for a car wash.

Oh, and one more thing: For all my Twitter followers who were kind enough to pose some questions for Brandon Boykin yesterday, I apologize. He's sick, and he missed practice, so obviously, no interviews either. We'll catch up with him next week though.


Anonymous said...

I can't say how much I love "he may go he may go he may go" on the eye black. Where did you get the pic?

David Hale said...

Had it passed along from someone on the training/equip. staff.