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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wednesday Links (10/28)

How about some afternoon links?

-- I have a story in today's Telegraph in which Georgia's defenders say they aren't being lulled into believing the struggles of the Gators' offense.

-- Bernie takes a bit closer look at the Gators' struggles on offense, too, and has some locker notes.

-- Of course, as Senator Blutarsky points out, it's not the Gators' offense that should worry fans. It's that D, which just might be the best ever.

-- Paul Westerdawg has a few suggestions for Mike Bobo on how to attack that vaunted Florida D.

-- And that D will be near full strength, too, as the Gators get four players back from injuries this week.

-- Tony Barnhart thinks Florida is beatable... but maybe not by Georgia.

-- Want one of my keys to the game for Georgia? I think it'll happen before the game even kicks off. If Baccari Rambo is starting, we know the coaching staff took a long, hard look at the team's issues during the bye week. If Bryan Evans is starting, it'll probably be more of the same. Bubba 'N Earl definitely agree.

-- I missed this while on furlough, but Battle Hymn Notes has a really good post exploring how fair it is to compare Brian Van Gorder and Willie Martinez.

-- I'm honestly at a loss to explain why everyone is happy to ignore the fact that Tim Tebow isn't REALLY breaking Herschel Walker's TD record. How hard is it to add bowl stats to regular-season stats? It's freakin' addition for cripe's sake! It's not like there's long division involved!Anyway, old Timmy wants the record.

-- Valdosta State High School (I'm dumb... need more afternoon coffee) is looking for a new head coach, and apparently Eric Zeier is on their radar.

-- Check out some of the swag UGA and Florida might be getting by keeping the game in Jacksonville moving forward.

-- You can hate the Gators, but you can't hate Florida beat writer Jeremy Fowler. Here's one of the reasons he's among the best beat writers in the SEC.

-- And sure, it's not football, but Georgia fans should enjoy making fun of this guy's name for the next few seasons.

-- I did a satirical fake diary for Stacy Searels earlier this week, then came upon one the Red & Black did for Michael Adams. Good stuff.

-- More good news for newspapers: The AJC saw a 23 percent drop in circulation from 2007 to 2008.

-- Of course, with crap like this from supposedly reputable bloggers, perhaps the death of newspapers is farther off than I thought.

-- Pop Candy has a Q&A with "Lost" producer Damon Lindelof that is chock full of interesting tidbits.

-- Our absurdly bad idea for an '80s remake of the week: "Short Circuit." Johnny Five alive... again! I can only assume Guttenberg has been blowing up his agent's cell phone.

-- Do yourself a favor and read this excellent story of a British kid who just so happens to be named Harry Potter.

-- David Spade defends using Chris Farley in his new DirecTV ads.

-- Steve Penner thinks this week's "Curb Your Enthusiasm" may have jumped the shark. It was a little out of left field, I'll admit, but I think I laughed harder during this episode than any all season. And the scene with Larry and Jerry at the restaurant was pure heaven for a "Seinfeld" fan.

-- And finally, "Friday Night Lights" returns tonight -- at least for those of you who get DirecTV. I'm giddy. The LA Times catches you up on what to expect from Season 4 of the best drama on television.


Gemstones4u said...

Good week back David.

It's gonna be fun watching Coach Taylor at East Dillon High. I thought it was a great premier tonight. Good minds putting this show together.

Go Dawgs!

opsomath said...

Ironically, on the "crap like this" link standing as an example of why print is not dead - I was not able to read it because it required registration to the New York Times.