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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Where's the Game?

As you're probably aware, Georgia's next two games (at Tennessee and at Vandy) will both be 12:21 kickoffs carried by the SEC Network.

What you may not know is where you can find the SEC Network on your TV dial. (Do any TVs still have dials?)

Here's a quick rundown of the local affiliates in most of our high-readership areas. If your town isn't listed, I have a full affiliate schedule, so you can feel free to email me and I'll let you know what station is carrying the game.

Atlanta -- WPCH
Charlotte -- WAXN
Jax/Brunswick -- WJXT
Chattanooga -- WDSI (Fox)
Augusta -- WRDW (CBS)
Macon -- WGXA (Fox)
Columbus -- WXTX (Fox)
Albany -- WALB (NBC)
Savannah -- WTGS (Fox)

*Athens should have the same affiliate as Atlanta.


Blog Goliard said...

Isn't it as simple as "SEC Network" = "J-P Game"?

(Only without the twelve Daves and the East German surplus broadcast equipment.)

Unknown said...

Don't suppose you'd know on what station the game would be broadcast in Arlington Virginia? Just thought I'd ask.

BulldogBry said...

same problem here in Roanoke. I think it's PPV only.

Anonymous said...

anyone know what station it will be on in the Seaside, Talahassee, Pensecola area?

HiAltDawg said...

They showed bama@uk last week on foxsports bay area. Smart money is they won't show the Dawgs and I'll flip out and a little kiffin.

Colonial Dawg said...

Rachel & BulldogBry,
As far as I know, the only free channel they will be on is WSKY which is an independent out of Norfolk. Fortunately I get it in Williamsburg but my son has to PPV in Fredericksburg. Good luck....Go Dawgs!!

Anonymous said...

What station in Birmingham will be airing it?


S.E. Dawg said...

I think this means I won't get to watch it. I have Dish Network as my signal provider and I don't believe I have any of those channels. May have to make other arrangements, unless someone has other suggestions.

PTC DAWG said...

For those curious, it should be on the same station that BAMA/Kentucky was on last week, same time, same channel....that was the SEC Regional Network game.

Anonymous said...

I see this discussion every week, and have the same response because I don't think many people are without options. ESPN Gameplan was only $110 for the whole season and gets you about any game with major teams...not all, but just about any thing you would want to see. If that doesn't work, a decent sports bar would have virtually everything available When traveling I never missed a UGA game, except when I was in Germany and there I listened to Larry on the internet. There may be about 5-10% of the country where one of the these options wouldn't work.

Anonymous said... Also on

David Hale said...

Don't have a DC affiliate. Closest is Baltimore (TCN-Md)
Tallahassee is WCTV
Sorry, nothing in Anderson AFB
Asheville/Spartanburg is WYCW (CBS)
Columbus, Ohio is WTTE (Fox)
Birmingham is WTTO (CW)

Will Q -- the list I got says that's the right station for Chattanooga.

For everyone whose not in a region that gets the game, you can get it on

p_dawg said...

p_dawg(preacherdawg) is in Hawaii, which is NOT bad, but what are my options?

David Hale said...

No SEC Network there p-dawg, but you could always sign up for and take your laptop to the beach for the game.

Jeff U. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jeff U. said...

You can find the affiliates on the SEC's webpage.

Anonymous said...

What channel if I am near Pensacola, FL (Seaside)?

Unknown said...

Do you know what the affiliate is for Wilmington, NC?

David Hale said...

Closest to Pennsacola is Panama City (WJHG - CW) or Tallahassee (WCTV).

In Wilm, it's WCWG (CW).

RaleighDawg said...


I figured that the first time the NBC station in Raleigh could show a UGA game they would decide golf is more important. They have shown the SEC network game every week but this one.

Glad I got gameplan this year. Wish it was in high-def. One more game and it will pay for itself.

Sadly we can't get espn360 up here if you have timewarner...

Anonymous said...

I want be able to see the game through my paper sack anyway?