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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wednesday Links (10-7)

Happy Wednesday, folks. You may recall my New Year's resolution to actually visit a gym from time to time. I've been less than successful at consistently reaching that goal for the past nine months, but now I'm at a crossroads. My girlfriend signed me up for a 5k at the end of this month, which I'm embarrassed to say, I'm not at all positive I'm in good enough shape to complete. I mean, sure, I can make it 5 kilometers, but I'll probably have to stop for some BBQ and a Yuengling along the way.

Nevertheless, it has two big upsides. First, I'm hitting the gym with a renewed vigor, so as to not embarrass myself too badly. Second, the race is for a good cause.

It's Nuci Space's annual Space Race in Athens on Oct. 24. The race is on UGA's campus and 100% of the proceeds will help provide medical care and professional counseling for uninsured musicians in Athens.

If you're a music fan or if you've simply enjoyed a few local acts over the years in Athens, it's a cause worth your time. You can donate or you can sign up to run yourself -- and potentially help carry me across the finish line -- by visiting Nuci Space's Web site HERE.

OK, that's my shameless plug for the day. How about some links?

-- Macon Dawg handles this week's looking back, looking forward at Dawg Sports, and I have a story in today's Telegraph wondering which of the two the Bulldogs will be doing more of.

-- I'll go on record saying I think it's an awful idea to play the Georgia-Georgia Tech game in the Dome at the start of the season. Maybe I'm crazy, but one of the things I love about college football is that the games are played on campus. I feel the same about Jacksonville. I don't know whether it's fair or not to play there, but I do know I'd much rather watch the game in Athens or Gainesville.

-- Bernie has some important locker notes for the Dawgs this week.

-- Bulldog in Exile asks a question: Is it heart or head that's missing on kickoffs. Every player and coach I talk to (aside from Mark Richt) says that kick coverage is all about heart. But it's hard to look at how Georgia executes and think there's much smarts involved.

-- Bleacher Report is calling for the return of Evil Richt.

-- Georgia has gotten a lot more pressure from its front four the past two weeks, but Tennessee's offensive line provides a steep challenge.

-- Eric Berry's good, but he's not intimidating the Dawgs, according to Fletcher Page. I love Brandon Boykin's quote at the end. I wanted to make a joke when he said it though that, actually, Berry doesn't put his pants on just like everyone else. He has Lane Kiffin come to his house each morning to put his pants on for him.

-- We could see more hurry-up offense from Tennessee this week, but the Lanester is making no promises.

-- Rocky Top Talk wonders if Tennessee's offense is actually improving, given last week's slightly more optimistic results.

-- Chris Low looks at how important this game is for both teams.

-- Georgia outfielder Lyle Allen will miss the upcoming baseball season for academic reasons.

-- Former Georgia pitcher Brian Powell died at age 35.

-- Slate is keeping up with a weekly critical look at each episode of "How I Met Your Mother" and they give high marks to this week's. I agree with their final comment -- the joke about the English degree was great.

-- Speaking of HIMYM, they'll be getting guest appearances from Tim Gunn and Kenny Rogers. Nothing tops Kenny's chicken on "Seinfeld" though.

-- Here's a list of the 13 most fearsome movie teachers of all time. Eet's nod-ah too-mah.

-- And finally, courtesy of Deadspin, one final Mets insult for the season as I wish the Philadelphia Phillies good luck in their quest for a second straight World Series title.


Anonymous said...

I agree about playing the UGA/GT game in home stadiums, but I have long thought this game should be moved to early in the season. Tech is no longer an SEC foe, and we are about winning the SEC, not the state championship. In the 3 times we have played in the SECCG, I would have supported playing reserves to get our starters healed for the most important game of the year, the title game in Atlanta.

Unknown said...

In general I like playing college games in college stadiums, but Tech's campus/stadium is in downtown Atlanta anyway, and since they aren't talking about a permanent move in this article, just when Tech would be hosting in 2011, I'm ok with it. As an out of state UGA alum, during undergrad I never made it to a tech game because that was the one week during the fall semester I actually went home, so I'd definitely like to see it moved to the beginning season at least every once in a while. Also, if UGA and Tech are playing in the dome to open the season, other teams aren't, which I'm sure both Coach Johnson and Richt would approve.

On another note, too bad someone beat me to commenting on that English degree, this was definitely the first site I thought of when I heard it.

Anonymous said...

I am in the real estate business. No one is having a fun run for me! Throw me a pity party! I can't afford health insurance because no one is buying land.

Do you see me looking for a hand out?

That is pathetic. Get a job. What is this country coming to?

How is this a good cause btw?

David Hale said...

Geeze, maybe nobody is supporting you because you're such an a$$hole.

Get your own blog and trumpet all the causes you want. I like music, my girlfriend works with the organization, and it's my blog.

Anonymous said...

+1 on the Kenny Roger's Chicken. The funniest part of that to me was that there was a KR Roasters in the Food Lion shopping center at the corner of Cedar Shoals and Gaines School at the time. The chicken: not bad. The sign: very bright.

Anonymous said...

any word on Akem Dent-Dowtin is out for the game w/ need some depth-who else at LB Nick Williams?

Phil said...


No point in getting mad at ol' Anonymous there. He is just crying and looking for attention, best just not to give it to him and keep doing what you do best. Don't worry, we loyal followers will get after him for you. Nice plug for Nuci's by the way, I knew they did the race annually but never realized what it was for until now.

On another note, something that CMR said in your article concerned me: "I really don't care what mood they are in, to be honest with you". Maybe I am missing something but it would greatly concern me as a coach if my team was down after a tough loss and went into a hostile environment flat (like 2 years ago in Knoxville). Remember what CMR said regarding practices before the LSU game? He said the tempo was up, spirits were high, and they were practicing with determination he had not seen them display this year. And their mood this week doesn't concern him at all? Hmm. Your thoughts?

David Hale said...

Anon -- Dent is "50-50" according to Willie.

Phil -- Thanks for having my back! I agree you can read that into Richt's comments, but the tone I got from it was more that he was concerned with getting in the work on fundamentals now and cheering his guys up later. But you're right, when you combine it with the comments he made last week... it's interesting.

fell in buttsmehre said...

How could that list not include Sam Kinnison in "Back to School?"
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