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Friday, October 16, 2009

Food For Thought: More Fun With Numbers

Dave McMahon comes up with a handful of intriguing stats each week for, and this week he has a couple that I find particularly interesting.

First, did you realize that Georgia is on a pace to not only set a record for fewest sacks allowed under Mark Richt, but they're likely going to demolish the mark. Georgia has allowed just five sacks all season. The low point for a full year under Richt is 15, which the Dawgs accomplished in both 2001 and 2007.

Even more thought-provoking, however is Dave's breakdown of all-purpose yardage by class:

Seniors: 220
Juniors: 151
Sophomores: 1,645
Freshmen: 817

So freshmen and sophomores are responsible for 87 percent of all the yardage Georgia has gained this season.

That's probably not entirely surprising considering the turnover on offense at the skill positions, but it's also probably a good reminder of why the offense has been so inconsistent. Freshmen and sophomores tend to make a lot more mistakes than juniors and seniors.

Dave has a bunch of other interesting nuggets, so be sure to check them out.


Will said...

Well, yeah for next year? I guess that's what the numbers suggest to me, but it still doesn't explain the breakdowns this season.

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Excusing away yet another year with "we're almost there!" Let's face it, we've been "almost there" since David Pollack was a sophomore.

Don't go soft on us. Keep asking the tough questions and keep blowing up the dumb answers.

Jeff Birdsong said...
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Anonymous said...

all the more reason we need to go to the spread/gun. pass to open up the run. when we do use the spread/gun late in the game because we finally realized the 1960 i is not working we scream down the field. every now in then we use spread/gun scream down to the 20 and just when we need to keep the other teams defense spread out we go back to it i. we have a ton of receivers and not so many good backs so lets go with our strengths instead of being pig headed with the idea that we must run out of the i to be successful in the sec. look at fl.