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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

More Traffic Problems for UGA

Vince Vance is the latest Bulldog to be arrested for driving without a license.

Marc Weiszer reports that there will not be a suspension.

I gotta say... I can't condone that. No, it's not the worst charge in the world. But it's also not the first time Vance has been arrested for it.

Can someone at UGA please arrange a field trip to the DMV?


Anonymous said...

I feel one way if it is a case of not having a license on him at the time of the stop, another if he is driving on a suspended license. One is just sloppy, or reflects disorganization, the other is more a disrespect for the laws of society and could represent a higher danger for other citizens. (Since the police obviously verified the difference when he was stopped, why didn't they just warn him if he were a legal driver?)

PTC DAWG said...

Sounds like another ACC Cop on a power trip.

Dawgfan1307 said...


Please don't tell me Vance was stopped last year for having an expired license and that he still didn't go to the DMV to get a new license. I'm pretty sure you can get those online now too!

JADAMS said...

Vance was initially pulled over because he was stationary at a green light, not because he ran a red light. When the police officer inquired, he said there was a runner crossing the road, and he was holding traffic for him. The policeman knew this was a lie, as Vance hadn't blocked for a runner all year long.

(From a Rivals subscriber)

The Watch Dawg said...

Just another example of a UGA cop being a dick. I'm sorry, but handcuffing vance and taking him to jail for this was nothing short of a power trip. The UGA police need to remember who generates the revenue that pays their salary

Leon Black said...

Could the police do us a solid and arrest Bryan Evans?

Anonymous said...

"and so are the days of our lives"....this is what UGA football has become, a daily soap opera. Remember the unruly days of Jim Donnan and "losing control" of his team???