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Monday, October 5, 2009

Rennie Curran: The Pacino of His Generation

It's hard to have a lot to say after a game like Saturdays. As angry as any of you might be, you have to feel for those players. They're just kids, after all, and so many of them contributed to what looked like it might be one of the single most memorable wins in Georgia history. So many of them contributed to the eventual loss, too. And not surprisingly, Rennie Curran summed up Georgia's problems better than anyone.

“It’s all a game of inches," Curran said. "It’s all about the ifs. We’ve got to make the ifs into a reality. We’ve got to make that happen.”

All that got me to thinking about one of the greatest sports movie speeches of all time. Sadly, it's from an otherwise awful film, but perhaps it perfectly sums up exactly what Rennie is talking about.

(Warning: Some adults-only language plus images of Lawrence Taylor attempting to act.)

1 comment:

genxdawg said...

"...That's what living is...the six inches right in front of your face."

Well played, Mr. Hale.