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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cuff Arrested, Suspended

Georgia cornerback Vance Cuff was arrested Tuesday by the Athens Police Department on charges of driving on a suspended license and "emerging from an alley." He was released on $1,750 bond.

The incident occurred, according to a statement released by the school, when Cuff left the Butts-Mehre Building on his scooter. He made a left and drove down Rutherford Street, which is currently closed during construction. When he was stopped for driving down the closed road, it was discovered that his license was suspended.

Head coach Mark Richt said Cuff will serve a one-game suspension.

"He used poor judgment first in the route he took and also for being on the scooter at all with a suspended license," Richt said. "He will be suspended for the Vanderbilt game."


Anonymous said...

If he played for OST he would not be suspended. Not making excuses or complaining, just making a comment.

Anonymous said...

Is emerging from an Alley an actual charge?

So you can go in one just never come out?

Bernie said...

You can emerge from an alley as long as you are not doing so under any of the following conditions:
1) in a suspicious manner
2) between the hours of 3 and 5 PM
3) you are not a UGA football player

It's for everyone's safety folks. Come on...

Matt said...

The road was closed, and I imagine he was driving on the sidewalk. It is a legit charge. I don't do traffic law, but I seriously doubt there is a specific law for driving on a closed road, and if there was, I am sure the violations are equitable for insurance purposes.

Anonymous said...

I am against bad behavior, and want it handled firmly, and consistently. That said, minor traffic offenses should be a "steps running" type of offense, not a suspension.

Jan said...

I guess that means he's got two more weeks to heal.

Anonymous said...

The hits just keep on coming from this team. The UGA Police Department is embarrassed about this team's performance and will go back to harassing them for fun.