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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday Teleconference Notes (10/18)

Not a ton of news coming out of Mark Richt's Sunday teleconference today, but here are a few highlights...

-- Richt said he expects Shaun Chapas to definitely be ready to play vs. Florida and considers both Akeem Dent and Marcus Dowtin very likely to play.

-- Richt said having Quintin Banks back and playing was a big boost, both in terms of his play on the field, but as a big energizer for the defense.

-- UGA's staff will be on the road recruiting this week, and Richt said the message to recruits this week isn't much different than past seasons, despite Georgia's less-than-stellar record.

-- Richt said he's thrilled to be through the first seven games and hopes Georgia will not have to endure another stretch of seven straight against seven BCS-conference opponents to start a season. Called it the "toughest stretch we've ever had."

-- Washaun Ealey got the start Saturday, but Richt said there was a plan to start Caleb King had they decided to open with a different play call. As it is, Richt said he hasn't changed his opinion drastically on any of the tailbacks and wouldn't commit to a change in playing time for any of them going forward.

-- Richt said he hasn't spoken to Mike Bobo directly, but said he assumes Bobo will be on the sideline again in two weeks vs. Florida.

-- As we get to the bye week, Richt was asked what he liked best about his team through seven games and what concerns him the most.

Best: "They players are staying together, they're battling away, they're keeping the faith and they keep grinding."

Worst: "The inconsistent play, the inconsistency of all of our units. Some games, very, very good. Some games, not so good. Vanderbilt was the closest we've come to really putting it together as a team and looking like a solid football team. Hopefully we can begin to predict those types of performances, but right now, you're still not sure what you're going to get."


Anonymous said...

Great job as usual keeping us informed this weekend. With Samuel's continued problem with fumbles and with Easley getting more time, I would be interested to know if the coaches would ever consider moving Samuel to LB. It is a shame to waste his talents when he could be used on defense. We could even redshirt him next year to get caught up.

Bham Dawg said...

Does it not feel like the "tougher" than ever schedule is not just another excuse CMR has used to justify the sub-par performance yet another year?

Anonymous said...

Bham- The schedule so far was without a doubt the toughest we've ever faced. If we had had Florida's schedule, our record would look a lot better. No excuses there. Richt is right.

runnindawg said...

Best: "They players are staying together, they're battling away, they're keeping the faith and they keep grinding."

Maybe our fans should adopt the same attitude. As up and down as this season has been at least our players haven't thrown in the towel. The off week couldn't come at better time for us. I'm very hesitant to call for an upset in two weeks, but I do think we'll play our best game of the year.

Do the players or coaches seem to be getting frustrated with the officials? Do you over hear any talk about it?

Zach said...


this is about the florida game with the refs interfering with the outcome of the game... same crew for the LSU game.

Do you know why there isn't more made being made about this?

Is there something you guys know that we don't, like there's always been this type of corruption, so its part of the game?

Bham Dawg said...

We are 4-3 with losses against three teams that are completely and totally beatable... one of which is a joke (UTK). The fact that you want to say if we had Florida's schedule is a complete joke it and of itself. No doubt if we have just one more victory than it stands now the season would feel differently, but honestly are you ok with saying that we shouldn't be beating ANYBODY we put on the schedule. We should be at a place in the program where schedule is not an excuse. One loss within that terrible schedule would be understandable, but THREE? Come on, get a grip.

Blog Goliard said...

Georgia is in the premiere football conference in the country. Scheduling BCS-conference opponents week in and week out should be considered the rule, not the exception.

Our schedule is a strong one (with the exception of the travesty of wasting everyone's time with Tennessee Tech), but is entirely fitting for a program that sees itself as a regular SEC title contender. (Especially since five of the seven teams we've played so far are unranked at present.)

It's Florida's schedule that's really out of whack here. No team should expect to be a legitimate national championship contender if they average more than 1.5 non-BCS opponents per year--and I-AA teams should be totally out of the question.

UGA69Dawg said...

Excuse me Blog but it seems UF's schedule or Ala's for that matter has not hurt their standing with the voters or the computers. UGA will be proud of its OCS as we kick it off in the Music City Bowl while those playing the weak schedules go to the bigger bowls. It makes so much sense.

Ben Rockwell said...

I'm interested to see CMR's comment about the schedule. I wondered last week if the trip to Stillwater, back for a thriller against SC, out to ARKY for another thriller, back for ASU in would could have been a trap game, and a thrilling heartbreaker to LSU didn't just all come crashing down on the guys for UT week.

If UT and Vandy had been flipped, I wonder if the Dawgs would have gone 2-0 in Tennessee. Knowing how young the team is, it is entirely concievable that they were just tired from taking the best shot possible from four teams and then just missing against the #4 team in the country.

I'm not saying it's acceptable; but it might just have happened.

I sure am glad the Dawgs have a bye this week. Gives us fans a week off, and it gives the team a much needed break, too!

A_Phiz said...

Interesting color combination, Marc Curles

UpDawg said...

Play sucky offense, play sucky defense, play sucky defense, play sucky offense, play sucky offense, play sucky offense AND defense, play Vandy. Not the best recipe for beginning to play like a team, but i'll take it!

Also, for a few more stats on why the running game is so important, see

Thanks for all your insight.

Anonymous said...

Blog is right about the schedule, give your fans good games to watch and forget the damn scrimmages against weak teams. Who wants to pay that kind of money, or spend that much personal time to watch a predetermined outcome? UGA is to be commended for the scheduling this year. Sounds like Dawg69 is insecure unless the polls say you are good. Polls are a joke (OU rated, lol). We control our own destiny EVERY year, we can win the SEC title and we don't need the polls to grant us permission. That is the most significant title in CFB because it has to be EARNED. All else is political BS.

Anonymous said...

Bham- Sure every team we lost to was completely beatable, but the fact is, these guys have had ZERO time off to rest and recuperate physcially, mentally, and emotionally. From Tony Barnhart, our schedule has looked like this: Oklahoma State (5-1), South Carolina (5-2, with a loss to No. 2 Alabama), Arkansas (3-3, with losses to No. 1 Florida and No. 2 Alabama), Arizona State (4-2), LSU (5-1 with a loss to No. 1 Florida), and Tennessee (3-3, with a loss to No. 1 Florida). Sure Florida has beat Tennessee and LSU, our two losses, but they also had Charleston Southern, Troy, and a bye week in between allowing them to rest. If they hadn't had that bye week to get Tebow better for LSU, they might be looking at a loss there. I love our schedule. I would much rather play against great teams every year versus cupcakes, but when you have almost an entire new offense, playing an opening schedule like we played would be tough for any team. That's just the way it is.