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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tuesday Links (2/3)

We're one day away from Signing Day, and this is probably the most chips Georgia has still had in play at this point in years. Among the biggest fish still in the sea is Greg Reid, who we expect to hear from tonight. You can also click over to tomorrow at 9:30 to watch Abry Jones' signing live. Jarvis Jones' signing will also be carried live at at 1:30.

In the meantime, here are the links o' the day...

-- I have a story on the wide-open competition to take over for Knowshon Moreno at tailback in 2009.

-- If Greg Reid does come to Georgia, he'll be wearing a familiar jersey number.

-- Chip Towers blogs that Wednesday will come with a heavy dose of drama for the Dawgs.

-- ESPN's Ivan Maisel gives you the low-down on how coaches go about recruiting.

-- The AJC's Mark Bradley has info on UGA and Tech's recruiting, along with other area notes.

-- Bernie's Dawg Blog takes a look at Jawanza Starling, who the Dawgs would love to land.

-- Kyle King looks back and gives five reasons for Georgia's struggles in 2008.

-- Here's an interview with Matthew Stafford, courtesy of Smoaky's Sports Blog. Now I'm kind of hurt that Stafford never enjoyed talking with me, but he's chatting it up with some guy named Smoaky.

-- Bleacher Report talks Stafford and the combine.

-- Stafford is among eight former Georgia players invited to the combine, according to the Banner-Herald.

-- The Examiner says Joe Cox is looking forward to his role as mentor this season.

-- Marc Weiszer has a handful of news and notes on the football front.

-- Dick Vitale is pushing those Bob Knight-to-Georgia rumors, but I remain extremely skeptical that there's any chance of this happening.

-- The Banner-Herald makes the case against hiring Knight.

-- And if you're still interested in Knight material, Georgia Sports Blog pretty much sums up the rest of it.

-- has the images of Dennis Felton's first post-firing appearance.

-- The Red & Black's Fletcher Page writes about the man who is still coaching the Bulldogs hoops team.

-- Here's something for my fellow "Friday Night Lights" fans: The Onion's AV Club talks with Taylor Kitsch, who plays Riggins on the show.

-- Some people will tell you that I'm not a man of the arts, that I don't have an appreciation for the finer things in life. To that I say, can it get any finer than this -- poetry about bacon.

-- And finally, if you're still looking for that perfect Valentine's Day gift for your special someone, I can't think of any present better than THIS. Even better if your wife or girlfriend is named Jenny.


Anonymous said...

I hate to break it to you Dave, but Smoaky is a lot bigger in Texas than you are in Georgia. Anyone that follows high school football in Texas knows who he is, and as we all know, Texans are crazy about high school football. So there you have it.

David Hale said...

I'm still big! It's the blogs that got small!