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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tuesday Links (2/17)

Happy Tuesday, folks. I've got a bunch on my plate (including some travel) this afternoon, so this morning's posts will probably be the only ones for the day.

Also, I just wanted to clarify: I'm an idiot and left Michael Gilliard off my linebackers list yesterday. My mistake. Like Moody and Vasser though, the road to significant playing time this year will be a tough one.

One other thing: I try to respond to any blog comments that require (or ask) for one, but due to some travel the past 10 days or so, I've had limited opportunity to do that. So if I haven't answered one of your questions, I apologize. I'm hoping that, either later this week or early next, I can put together a "mailbag" post and ideally answer a bunch at once. Along those lines, if you have any questions you haven't had answered (or just want to make some smart aleck comments in print), feel free to email me at with them and I'll do what I can about finding you a response.

Anyway, on to today's links...

-- Randall Godfrey is among several former Bulldogs who have returned to UGA to finish their education.

-- Perhaps Damon Evans should have been Obama's choice for treasury secretary. UGA Athletics is doing very well despite the bad economy. ("Poppy does very well... very well.")

-- One reason for all the cash filling the UGA AA bank accounts, the Dawgs finished sixth in the nation in attendance in 2008.

-- Chip Towers knows a great blog topic when he sees one: Who is the best QB in UGA history?

-- Chris Low upstages me by getting a mailbag out today, and there's tons of good info in it.

-- Jeff Owens blogs about a subject he unfortunately knows way too much about... the training staff.

-- Pete Herrmann talks about Georgia's big win over Florida last weekend with 960 the Ref.

-- If I could only in good conscience tell you some of the other crazy stuff I heard about Billy Clyde Gillespie while living in Lexington... but for now, this'll have to do.

-- Cousin Walter thinks Herschel is going to blow past the competition on "Celebrity Apprentice" the same way he blew past Auburn in his playing days.

-- Speaking of great UGA running backs, scout Mike Mayock thinks the Eagles should add another one in this year's draft. I couldn't agree more.

-- Former Tech QB Steven Threet is on the move again, choosing to transfer from Michigan. I think he should get one of those jerseys with like nine team logos on it like Gaylord Perry wears at old-timers' games.

-- Speaking of Tech, Senator Blutarski has some fun at the Jackets' expense... oh, wait, the Jackets can't afford anything at their expense right now. Can anyone else pick up this check? Hello? Anyone?

-- The Diamond Dawgs are the preseason pick to win the SEC.

-- The Augusta Chronicle's Billy Byler has a piece on Georgia baseball star Rich Poythress, who was tabbled preseason All-America this week, too.

-- Georgia's women fell in the ITA tennis final to Northwestern.

-- For all of you folks who seem to want Dave Van Halanger fired (what ever happend to the "Fire Willie" folks, by the way? They seem to have moved on to DVH), perhaps you think this new conditioning method could work a bit better for the Bulldogs. (BTW, all the "fire this guy, fire that guy" stuff is just absurd. I read posts over at Rivals' Dawg Vent yesterday calling for the jobs of Jancek, Van Halanger and Damon Evans. Ridiculous.)

-- Sadly, it's too late to get your special someone any of this stuff for Valentine's Day, but just in case they've got a birthday coming up.... start fumbling for your wallet now.

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