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Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday Links (2/16)

Happy Monday morning, folks. Hope everyone had a great weekend and did a little celebrating of the hoops team for the first time in a while. Looking ahead at Georgia's upcoming schedule, it's amazing how much the fortunes of this team could change quickly. The win over Florida shows what the Dawgs can do and with home games against Auburn and Vandy (neither world-beaters by any measure) and road tilts against Ole Miss and Arkansas (two of the four worst teams in the SEC), it's not inconceivable to think this team might have a little run in it after all. How quickly things can change with just one little (OK, not so little) win.

Of course, there's plenty more going on than just the hoops team's big win, so here are a bunch of links to get your week started off right...

-- As usual, Georgia Sports Blog does a fantastic job of breaking down the current status of Georgia's coaching search.

-- Just when you thought reality would prevail, the AJC's Furman Bisher throws a new barrel of gasoline onto the Bobby Knight fires.

-- If you'd like to relive that Georgia upset over Florida from Saturday, check out Total UGA's photo gallery .

-- Dawgs Online asks what I think is an important question: With all the talk of the different attitude the football team has this offseason, how different is it really? The fact is, it's easy to be "focused" in January and February, but how will this team respond in June when there aren't coaches and classes to keep kids from finding their way into off-field trouble? How will they respond when the media spotlight gets cranked up a few notches in August? How will they rebound when that first round of injuries hits? When they head to halftime down two touchdowns? As this post points out, last year's team was supposed to have leadership, too.

-- ESPN's Chris Low takes a look at the future non-conference games for each SEC school. I hope I'm still covering the team for that trip to Oregon in 2015. Oh, and good to see Florida's really stepping things up with those distant foes South Florida and Miami. Hey Gators, did you know they have planes now that can fly all the way to California?

-- Oh, speaking of that, Low ranks the SEC schedules from toughest to easiest, too. Georgia has the second hardest. Florida has the second easiest. My question: How do fans feel about this? Would you rather UGA pack its schedule with cake non-conference games like the Gators and the Big 12 schools do?

-- Whether or not the Lions take Matthew Stafford first overall in the draft, wide receiver Mike Furrey says it will be Daunte Culpepper as the team's starting QB in Week 1.

-- The Asbury Park Press looks at how Knowshon Moreno's former Pop Warner teammate is prepping for the NFL combine, but still aren't looking into why Bruce never plays "Rosalita" anymore.

-- It has been 48 hours since I've noted anything stupid Lane Kiffin has said or done, but thankfully Sen. Blutarsky has it covered. My guess is that by Thursday of this week we'll have a story of Kiffin standing atop Neyland Stadium, stoned to bejeezus on acid, screaming, "I am a golden god!" while Ed Orgeron tries to talk him back down. That'll be fun.

-- Former Diamond Dawg Justin Fields is excited to get back to playing ball after a long, long, long contract negotiation with the Mariners.

-- Georgia's women's tennis team has reached the ITA finals.

-- Georgia baseball opens its 2009 season this week, and 960 the Ref gets you prepped with podcasts with former Bulldog (and current Colorado Rockies minor leaguer) Stephen Dodson as well as head coach Dave Perno.

-- I watched a lot of Braves games last season, and you know what I never found myself saying at any point? Man, what these guys are missing is a washed-up, slow-footed, defensively challenged center fielder who is going to cost them way more money than he's worth. But hey, what do I know?

-- I have a number of friends (all female) who watch this "Ace of Cakes" show, and for the life of me I can't understand why it is supposed to be interesting. But I must admit, I'm impressed by the cake they made to celebrate the 100th episode of "Lost."

-- I can't imagine my friend Meredith is going to be happy about THIS.

-- And finally, synchronize swatches! "Parker Lewis Can't Lose" is coming to DVD... and Corin Nemic can now quit his busboy job and live for a few months off the royalties.


Anonymous said...

The guys n Ace of Cakes are all High as a kite, notice their eyes and actions nect time u watch it.

Anonymous said...

David, I've thought long and hard about this whole OOC scheduling business, and to me, it's kind of a lose-lose situation. On one hand, I hate Florida for having such a cupcake OOC schedule. You would think a guy as obnoxious as Urban Meyer would want to showcase his beloved Gators for all the U.S. to see. It makes me wonder if he's really just a pansy in that respect. To that effect, I repsect Mark Richt a lot for scheduling our OOC games the way he does. People from other conferences (especially the Pac-10; not that they matter)always talk about how easy the SEC OOC schedules are and I think Mark Richt has done a great job of proving that wrong and an even better job of showcasing our team on the road with his 30-4 road record. However, I do wonder sometimes if it would be more to our benefit to have a cupcake schedule like Florida has. I really don't know. What's your take?

Brian said...

The only disappointing thing about Georgia's win over Florida Saturday was that our lead wasn't secure enough for Coach Hermann to call all of his remaining timeouts with about 10 seconds left in the game.

The best thing about the win, was not having to listen to the " just like football" cheer.

Anonymous said...

Does your friend Meredith have a thing for Mandy Moore?