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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tuesday Links (4/6)

First off, I should wish a happy birthday to former Bulldog Mike Moore. Hopefully his gift will come in a few weeks with a selection in the upcoming NFL draft.

Secondly, I just wanted to say thanks to those of you who chimed in on the discussion of both the Montez Robinson story and the taxi cab story yesterday. Not everyone sees eye to eye on this, but I'm consistently pleased at the overall level of decorum you guys manage to carry yourselves with. In the age of anonymous postings on any blog post or news story, I can't tell you how much I appreciate that we can still have honest, mature discussions here without people feeling the need to behave like petulant third graders.

In any case, if you haven't read the comments from those stories, I'd encourage you to do so. You guys brought a lot of perspective to two stories that sorely lacked it in most other forums. So thanks.

Third, congrats to Dave Van Halanger, whose much-beloved Duke Blue Devils won the NCAA championship last night. As much as I don't like Duke, Coach Van is a good guy, so I'll let it slide. Heck of a game though, and Butler made it a lot more competitive than I was expecting.

And last, it's been a while since I posted any links, so let's get to it...

-- I have a story in today's Telegraph on what Georgia's offense thinks about the strides the D has made this spring. (And The Senator has some additional thoughts on the story, too.)

-- The GeorgiaBullblawg wonders what the ideal outcome would be for a G-Day in which the fans really want to see both the new QBs and the new defense succeed.

-- Dawgs Opinion has a great post up looking at where most of Georgia's recruits are coming from -- both in and out of state.

-- has an interesting piece on how team's identify No. 1 quarterbacks in the draft, with lots of exceptional background on Matthew Stafford.

-- Loran Smith is awfully impressed with Georgia linebackers coach Warren Belin -- both on and off the field.

-- Battle Hymn Notes takes a deeper look at how the two off-field controversies of the weekend played out in very different ways.

-- The Red & Black's Nick Parker has some info on both Richard Samuel and Tavarres King.

-- Buck Belue offers some thoughts on the QB competition after two scrimmages.

-- The AJC has a photo gallery breaking down the Bulldogs' schedule in 2010.

-- If your Tuesday is off to a rocky start, fear not. Get the Picture has a post that will cheer you up.

-- I don't want to live in a world where Les Miles' job is significantly more secure than Mark Richt, Bobby Johnson or Urban Meyer.

-- I'm still not ready to talk about the Donovan McNabb trade. This little rumor isn't helping my mood any.

-- Aside from reputation, I'm still confused as to why Florida should be considered to be anywhere close to the favorite in the SEC East this year. This just adds to the list of concerns I'd have about that team.

-- Maybe Alabama needs to get this built before Nick Saban bolts for another job?

-- Cam Newton is making some progress in his first spring with Auburn.

-- From the Rumble Seat is trying to explain the 3-4 scheme at Georgia Tech. Their version isn't quite as complicated as how Todd Grantham explains it. (h/t Bernie)

-- Tony Barnhart wonders what would happen if the Big Ten expanded to 16 teams.

-- Name of the year voting is currently in progress (h/t Leather Helmet Blog) and I don't know how any self-respecting "Wayne's World" fan can't vote for Gregor Schwinghammer Jr.

-- The Grit Tree notes a crime story in Macon that reminded me of one of my favorite episodes of "The Wire." I can only hope the cop in question here earns the same type of cult hero status around the department as McNaulty.

-- And speaking of "The Wire," New York Magazine has a tremendous profile of creator David Simon.

-- Whatever you do, don't show this link to Brandon Spoon.

-- TV Land is honoring one of the great underrated shows of all time this year. I'd rank it up there with "Greatest American Hero" as one of my favorite '80s TV shows that was, in truth, fairly terrible, yet undeniably entertaining nonetheless. (And both had exceptional theme songs -- HERE and HERE.)

-- Great episode of "Chuck" last night that likely no one watched due to the NCAA title game. (And, I've often said, "Chuck" is simply an updated version of "Greatest American Hero," which is probably why I like it so much.)

-- If anyone is still watching "24," The New York Times has an interesting behind the scenes look at how the writers script the show.

-- I'm not likely to purchase the new solo album from Slash, but I did enjoy this (albeit brief) interview with the former GNR guitarist.

-- Ever wonder what Sinead O'Connor looks like now? Well, wonder no more.

-- And finally, I'm astonished to learn that they are making a porn parody of "The Big Lebowski" and Tara Reid isn't in it.


Anonymous said...

Do you know any good links on Reuben Faloughi? Also, did you ever work for the Albany Herald?

David Hale said...

Anthony Dasher over at wrote a good piece on Rueben last year, but I can't find the link now. I'm planning to write something on him this week though, so stand by on that...

And yes, I was at the Herald in '05 & '06.

Kathleen said...

Those wedding posts are odd... am I the only one who thinks that kind of wedding is in order for alumni but it's kind of weird for people who never attended? Is that just me, maybe?


Anonymous said...

Did you read the comments on the wedding article? The 65 year old makes a great point.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you like Chuck as well. I didn't get to see it last night, but I DVR'd it. One of the best & most underrated shows on TV right now, I think.

Kathleen said...

He makes good points and it's a touching story (the 65-year-old) I guess I just can't imagine planning a life-changing, forever-in-my-heart-and- photo-albums wedding around it unless that's where I met my fiance, which maybe they met at a game or on campus.... But, I don't think I'd have a red and black wedding anyway so I guess it's a moot point.

Anonymous said...

WTF? No Lost comments or links?

Sawyer is my little sister said...

If anyone is still watching "24"??

Jack Bauer could rip Lost's Jack, Sawyer, Mr. Eko and Locke each a new one simultaneously even if he both hands were tied and his head was in a polar bear's mouth and black smoke demon thing was flying up his rear-end!!!

NCDawg said...

I know basketball doesn't get much coverage here, but the roundball guys need love too.

I did not expect 5 star recruits to UGA (yet), but with the recruiting season effectively missed last year and only 2 commits at this late stage this year, are the Hoop Dawgs in recruiting trouble?

Anonymous said...

I can agree with you on that, Kathleen. Kind of tacky, but that's just me.

Cojones said...


You are responsible for the Montez Robinson interest and feedback. It is a testament to your audience as well. I was as surprised at some of the great replies as you probably were. I'm envious of some writing abilities that I have seen from your column followers and from you. We are better Dawgs to have read them.

Carter said...

I'm not embarrassed to admit that "Nothing Compares to You" is one of the most beautiful, touching songs ever. And Prince wrote it.

Pete said...

I like Chuck too. Good to see him finally getting some love from Sarah. Shes hawt! Haha, great blog David!

Trey said...

Sawyer is my little sister.....
How dare you, Mr. Eko is a bad A. He would beat Jack Bauer with his God stick. I will give you Jack, he is just a sissy doctor.