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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mettenberger Shined During Scrimmages

Add this to the "For What It's Worth" category...

Final scrimmage stats for Georgia's quarterbacks this spring:

Aaron Murray -- 31-of-53 (59%) for 380 yards, two touchdowns and three INTs

Logan Gray -- 23-of-42 (55%) for 280 yards, two touchdowns and one INT

Zach Mettenberger -- 23-of-36 (64%) for 433 yards, five touchdowns and one INT

Again, this doesn't tell us how they performed during the 12 other days of practice, it doesn't distinguish between plays with the No. 1 offense and No. 2 offense, and it doesn't necessarily tell us what the coaches have seen in terms of the fundamentals that don't show up on a stat line.

But... going just by those numbers, Mettenberger certainly looks the best.


Billy Barou said...

Perhaps Mettenberger's arrest really will come back to haunt him? I'm not ready to name him the starter yet, particularly as we were hearing how great Murray is for the past year and a half. But what strikes me the most is that Mettenberger looked like a deer in the headlights last G-Day and we kept hearing how rough around the edges he was, how much work he'd need, etc, but that he had the highest ceiling of all the QBs. Now, one year later, it is astonishing how much he has improved!! Perhaps he IS our next NFL QB after all?

Anonymous said...

+1 BilBar, and what that says so much about is CMR and CMB can coach young QBs like noboby's business. That bodes well not only for this fall, but years to come as well. I don't think I have seen a more dramatic improvement than ZM last April compared to yesterday. (It also says a lot about ZM's work ethic and desire.)

Unfortunately his stupid screw-up during Spring Break may cost him his shot. We cannot sit him the first game and go to Columbia and hand him the first start on the road in a critical SEC game. Not saying he would win out when all the data is analyzed, but his immaturity has insured the starter for the first two games will not be ZM. Shame because he looked very poised and accurate yesterday.

UGA69Dawg said...

It all comes down to who can handle it when the games are real and the green comes off. I was surprised by the way our 1st team D handled our 1st team O. The OL does not look like the dominating SEC line I had hoped for. Maybe our DL's and LB's are just great.

The Watch Dawg said...

See, my thoughts are that IF Mettenberger IS the best QB.... then you can't NOT start him against USC. Sucks for that to be his first game, but the schedule doesn't get any easier after that, really... and are you going to go an entire season with the best QB on the bench?

John Kincaid of 680 the fan made an interesting point back when the word came down that Mett would get a 1 game suspension. He said that the fact that Mettenberger only got 1 game, may have been an indicator that the coaches thought then that he might be the leading contender for the job. And you certainly have to wonder about that, since we've rarely seen Richt hand out suspensions for fewer than 2 games.

What Mett got arrested for wasn't a big deal. He was doing what every other college freshman (technically a sophomore in Mett's case) does in having a good time on Spring Break. I think that's probably why he got the 1 game suspension... but it might also be because they believed back then that he may be the starter against USC.