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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Delivering on Draft Day

It's not likely Georgia will have a player go in the first round this year, although as many as six or seven players could go in later rounds. I'll have more on that tomorrow and Thursday.

But I did find this note over at Chris Low's SEC blog pretty interesting. Here's the breakdown on how many first-round picks have come from each school during the past decade:

Georgia -- 10
Tennessee -- 10
Florida -- 9
LSU -- 9
Arkansas -- 6
Auburn -- 6
Ole Miss -- 6
South Carolina -- 4
Alabama -- 3
Vanderbilt -- 2
Kentucky -- 1

Of course, Florida and Tennessee will be adding to those totals this year, so the list will look a good bit different as we preview the 2011 draft. But still... producing an average of a first-round pick every year has to be something recruits find awfully appealing.


Robert K. Burnham said...

Unbeleivable statistic David, further proof we ain't been coaching em up . I hope those days are over with CMR taking more control of offense and CTG on board with defense . Rennie Curran , Jeff Owens, Prince Miller, Reshad Jones , Gene Atkins will all be playing on Sunday next year yet we played "loose" against Kentucky and had our ass handed to us . CWM should have been gone two years ago

Bernie said...

Georgia and Tennessee each had 10 from 2000-09. During that stretch, the Vols failed to win an SEC championship, while Georgia won two.

Wow! Low takes a shot at Rocky Top. I nearly choked on my ice tea there...

Anonymous said...

Georgia -- 10
Tennessee -- 10
Florida -- 9
LSU -- 9

Makes you think. The four top schools here all basically are equal, but LSU and Florida each had 2 national championships during that time period. Makes one believe that the personnel is similar for each school. You have to think that UGA and Tennessee have underachieved given the talent available. Definitely will fuel the fire that we have been under-coached leading to our underachieving.

Jeremiah said...

Alabama -- 3

Shocker! And they put together a NC run with that talent pool???

Anonymous said...

You Georgia fans are right. Clearly these NFL first round picks were NFL first round worthy before stepping foot in Athens. No way they could have possibly been coached up or anything.

I mean, Matt Stafford was #1 pick good in high school. If anything, Mike Bobo risked this.

(You people are ridiculous.)

Brian said...

I don't disagree that Georgia hasn't gotten the most we could from all of our players, but in 2002 we finished 13-1 and had the misfortune of being behind 2 undefeated teams. The next year, LSU goes 13-1 and wins the national title. In 2007, we were #4 going into the final week of the season, 2 teams in front of us lost, but we failed to move up. Instead, it was the 2 loss LSU that got to play for the national title.

We've been very unlucky not to get a shot, and our place with LSU could easily be reversed. I prefer Richt to the jerks Saban and Meyer or the buffoon Miles.

From mobile phone. Sorry for typos or mispellings. All mistakes in logic or reason are all my own.

Auntie Rae said...

Wow, Mark Richt is great! Oh wait, 6 of the 10 players were brought in by Jim Donnan. Two came here in Richt's first recruiting class, which Donnan started putting together. That means Georgia has signed two eventual first round draft choices since 2001. Impressive.

Dawgfan17 said...

Brian, Not only did LSU win with a 13-1 and 12-2 record but both of UF's titles were 13-1, no better than Richt's best season. The only team that can claim they did more to be deserving of a shot in the SEC was Alabama last year for going undefeated.