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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Notes: Update on G-Day Info, Injuries & Rosters

OK, just a quick post-practice run-down today...

Practice notes...

-- Practice was cut short by five plays, according to Mark Richt, thanks to rain and lightning.

-- Aaron Murray said he's looked at each practice as a quiz, the two scrimmages as tests and Saturday will be the final exam for the QBs. Said he's eagerly awaiting news on the depth chart.

-- Dontavius Jackson confirmed he was the "peacemaker" in the taxi cab incident, but said he could not comment further due to the ongoing investigation.

On G-Day...

Mark Richt says the won't run a "vanilla" offensive and defensive scheme on Saturday, but it will be dialed back. Said Richt, "Fans may be expecting this, that and the other, and we might give 'em this and that, but not the other."

There won't be live kickoffs, but there will be live punting. Punts, FGs and PATs won't be rushed by the D though.

They'll play 12-minute quarters, unless Richt changes his mind between now and then.

On injuries...

Chris Davis' hip is bothering him. He may not play G-Day, but it's nothing serious.

Tavarres King and Kris Durham both have minor hand injuries, but both will play.

Abry Jones should practice Friday, but was in green today. Same with Marcus Dowtin.

Caleb King was in green and will not play on G-Day.

Richard Samuel was out of practice Thursday, too. Richt wasn't sure the specific injury, but he said Samuel was doubtful to play Saturday. (And I'm working on finding out what the specific injury was.)

Marlon Brown practiced Thursday and should be 100 percent for G-Day.

-- And finally, the much awaited G-Day rosters...

The black team, which will actually be wearing white, is the first-team D and second-team offense. The red team is the first-team offense and second-team defense.

Richt said all three quarterbacks will rotate between both teams.

(Note: * = player who is hurt and not expected to participate.)

Black Team
Red Team
Branden Smith
Washaun Ealey
Brandon Boykin
Luis Capella
Drew Butler
Caleb King*
Marlon Brown
Zach Mettenberger
Brandon Harton
Logan Gray
Bacarri Rambo Orson Charles
Sanders Commings
AJ Green
Matt Sweat
Jordan Love
Jakar Hamilton
Aaron Murray
Greg Lanier
Austin Herod
Vance Cuff
Tavarres King
Rhett McGowan Blake Sailors
Dontavius Jackson
Timothy Boleman
Israel Troupe* Kris Durham
Carlton Thomas
Josh Murray
Chris Young
Rantavious Wooten
Brandon Bogotay Richard Samuel*
Kevin Lanier
Jeremy Sulek
Wes Van Dyk
Cameron Allen
Marcus Dowtin
Corey Dunson
Dustin Royston
Alex Parsons
Justin Houston Makiri Pugh
Charles White
Eric Elliot
Josh Sailors
Quintin Banks
Fred Munzenmaier* Micah King
Darryl Gamble Chase Vasser
Akeem Dent
Mike Gilliard
Josh Parrish
Shawn Williams
Demarcus Dobbs
Akeem Hebron
Ben Reynolds
Cortney Newmans
Matt DeGenova Nick Williams
Dallas Lee
Rickey Lowe
John Bodin
Kyle Brock
Kolton Houston
Chris Grund
Jonathan Owens
Jason Veal
Chris Burnette
Christian Robinson
Ty Frix Chad Gloer
Kiante Tripp
Jackson Griffeth
Ben Harden
Shaun Chapas
Justin Anderson*
Jeremy Longo*
Taylor Bradberry
Tanner Strickland*
Cornelius Washington
Blair Walsh
Derek Rich*
Clint Boling
Arthur Lynch
Ben Jones
Bruce Figgins
Chris Davis
Abry Jones
AJ Harmon*
Billy Johnson
Cordy Glenn
DeAngelo Tyson
Austin Long*
Jamie Lindley
Trinton Sturdivant*
Josh Davis
Aron White
Derrick Lott
Nick Franks
Candler Cook
Scott Eichler
Reuben Faloughi
Brandon Wood
Trent Dittmer
Kwame Geathers


Kathleen said...

Too bad we didn't bet on the peacemaker or you'd owe me a beer!

Andy said...

David, will you be doing a live blog? I won't be near Athens, or sadly a TV, on Saturday.

reggie said...

The G-day game will be broadcast live on ESPN3.COM. They keep games up for at least a few weeks after that too.

Anonymous said...

Eneryone knew it Dontavious Jackson. He's the only player we have from Heard County. I live in Troup County and the other three knuckle heads acted in true Heard county redneck style. And yes black can be rednecks too.