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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thursday Afternoon Wrap-Up

Four quick bits of info I got in my inbox while I was busy attending an ethics meeting in Macon today...

-- There was an episode of "30 Rock" earlier this season in which Alec Baldwin's character, backed into a corner by a high ranking government official, decides the best advice for handling the situation is to not backtrack on a bad decision, but to dig himself even deeper. I'm assuming the SEC enjoyed that episode greatly.

They announced today stricter rules against celebrations that would actually negate touchdowns. Unbelievable.

-- And on a tangential topic, MSU's Rick Stansbury was fined for criticizing the refs during the SEC tournament.

-- Congrats to Brandon Boykin, who was added to the Lott Award Watch List today.

-- Former Georgia hoopster Drazen Zlovaric has landed at Chattanooga but will have to sit out one year.


Stuart said...

Leo %#@!in' Spaceman

Anonymous said...

The new taunting rule will just give the zebra's a better opportunity to throw the game.

PrinceLightfoot said...

What does the new rule have to do with the call on Green?They threw that flag after he turned toward the visiting fans in the corner of the end zone, didn't they? If so, wouldn't it still have been enforced on a subsequent kick? Nice work, ESPN.

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable new rule. This along with the ban on eye black messages are both incredibly stupid. No more "we run this state", no more fun.

UGA69Dawg said...

We are so screwed. Now the Old white guys can take points off the board on calls they couldn't get right in the first place. The refs are awful now but you can scheme around them but with this new rule they can throw the game and keep the BCS happy.

Think about the D most of the calls we get are when the D scores. Granted this has not been much of a problem in the past 2 years but think about Taylors jump into the endzone against Tech. No score and 15 the other way could have changed that game.

Tim said...

It amazes me that football is the only college sport that is worried about this issue. In basketball the kid dunks, struts, pulls out his jersey and nothing happens. Are they going to start taking away the points for that? In NCAA hockey, when a kid scores he jumps in the air, crashes into the boards and his teammates pig pile on the ice. Will that goal be removed? Unbelievable stupid rule.

Michael said...

The celebration rule is the stupidest rule in all of sport.