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Thursday, April 8, 2010

G-Day Prep on the Web

You know what the problem with this blog is? In addition to all those painful mouse clicks and scrolling, you're also forced to read if you want to find out information. I mean, seriously, this is America, right? We shouldn't be forced to read things!

Sadly, my script for the movie version of Bulldogs Blog hasn't gotten the greenlight yet (despite having the kid from Harry Potter attached to play the role of Fletcher Page), so the best I can do for you is the audio version.

First off, Fletcher checked in with WUOG yesterday for their pre-G-Day podcast, which you can listen to HERE.

And I'm the guest on the leatest edition of the Dawgcast, which you can listen to HERE. (And you can catch previous installments of the Dawgcast HERE.)

Listen. Learn. Libate.

1 comment:

Shine said...

As a dedicated reader of this blog and listener of the Dawgcast podcast it was great to here you on the show this morning on my way to work. I hope that you continue to bring some insite to the Dawgcast in some future episodes.