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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Practice Report (4/1)

Some notes from the practice field on an absolutely gorgeous Thursday afternoon...

I watched the QBs for a while doing pitch drills, handoff drills and then throwing to the TEs. I know he's probably the darkhorse in the competition, but Logan Gray really looks sharp.

Mark Richt spent most of the time I was out there hanging around the wide receivers. That's a bit of a departure from most of the early practice periods so far this spring, when he's been shadowing the QBs primarily.

Speaking of those receivers, Tony Ball was working with the group on shedding jams at the line of scrimmage. There were a few pretty animated moments as he stressed the importance of using your shoulders to get leverage on the defender.

My favorite drill to watch today was Bryan McClendon running his tailbacks and fullbacks through a cone drill -- hopping on one foot.

Washaun Ealey's brother Wesley was out at practice today, too. The kid is a smaller replica of his big brother. They look exactly alike.

Some injury updates...

Marlon Brown is still in green, but he was once again going through all the drills.

I mentioned Tuesday that Marcus Dowtin got a talking to from Warren Belin during one drill, then a few minutes later was off the field in search of Ron Courson, Georgia's trainer. Dowtin was in green today and not practicing with the linebackers during the time we were out there.

Caleb King was in green and not practicing today. Not sure why.

There was some confusion on Tuesday about whether the No. 33 in green was Chase Vasser or a walk-on. Confirmation today that it is, indeed, Mr. Vasser.

Dontavius Jackson was also in green. Brandon Wood apparently has a minor achilles issue, but he was fully practicing. Bacarri Rambo mentioned via Twitter yesterday that his ankle was bothering him, but he looked sharp during drills today.

I also ran into former Georgia shooting guard Corey Butler in Butts-Mehre today. He said he's about to start grad school here at Georgia and is considering getting into coaching. Corey was one of the best guys I've covered during my time on the UGA beat. He's sort of the Rennie Curran of the basketball program.

Oh, and one final note: I have no info to pass along on the reported taxi cab situation published in the Red & Black. (UPDATE - Here's another link.)


Schlagdawg said...

Fyi Hale, that link is dead.

Anonymous said...

If this is true, cut 'em. We don't need that kind of trash.

Anonymous said...

why can't caleb stay out of the green jersey...the guy really has had some bizarre injuries in his career.

Anonymous said...

ask bacarri and jakar if the think da'rick rogers was made from coal and jakar hit him low while bacarri hit him high do they think there would be enough pressure to turn da'rick into a diamond?

UGA69Dawg said...

ounds like Dowtin is using the traning staff to get out of work.

If any UGA students did what these four are accussed of then they should be expelled by the school, the AD should have nothing to do with it.

Anonymous said...

The only thing Dowtin had hurting was his feelings after Belin jumped on his case again. Honestly, from what I've seen on video, Dowtin seems to be taking a leisurely approach this spring. He better shape up.

Anonymous said...

apropos of nothing, this video of GA Rep Hank Johnson is hilarious

Anonymous said...

average uga students wouldn't be subjected to punishment from the university for anything like this that happened off University property, downtown and in a taxi cab. however, student athletes are held to a higher standard therefore, if the story is true, there will be severe and swift penalties I'm sure.

thats like saying a student should get kicked out for getting in a fight downtown or getting a dui. these things happen daily to university students, but when it happens to an athlete its headline news and so it gets punishment by the university aka the coaches...

i'm sure a good portion of the average students enrolled at uga have different levels of misdomeanors or other criminal run in's with the law during college. none of it results in headlines or in being expelled.

the athletes are a face of the university and they will be punished as such.

JRL said...

Hank Johnson is a fool. Doesn't he realize all the people wouldn't fit on one side making his worry pointless.

What he should worry about is the 8,000 Marines running in place causing the island to spin so violently that all of the people will be hurled into outer space.

Anonymous said...

sorry, but I don't see anything coming of this taxi story....who's to say these were actually football players? And why would you wait until Wednesday to report an incident that happened Saturday night? You can't back up anything that these people say and I doubt anything as severe as they claim actually happened.

Anonymous said...


That's some funny stuff. Well done.

Kathleen said...

I don't think those were football players in the van. If you do the math, there were three people in the victims' party, three people that were picked up and then four football players. Unless that was a bus, they don't all fit in a van. Football players aren't just big.... a three-seater bench isn't necessarily a three-seater for linemen.

I'd believe the story if they were kickers.

Anonymous said...

Caleb King's knee was sore. It's an old HS injury that got banged in a drill, so they sat him out. A wise precaution.

The good news on Brandon Wood is that his shoulder injuries are behind him. I think that we'll finally get to see what the excitement was about when he came in as a national top 5 DE recruit.

Football is an incredibly violent game, so let's not get too shocked when guys get hurt playing it.

Anonymous said...

Just a few additions to D-Hale's report from someone who also watched the practice: The practice ended with one of the most gruelling punishments I've ever seen. There were a number of flags thrown during the final 11-on-11 scrimmage, so the coaches had every player on the team begin at one goal line and roll on his side all the way to the other goal line; and then roll all the way back. It was about 80 degrees and this came at the end of a demanding practice.

I talked to some program guys who explained that punishment by running gassers really isn't much punishment for a lot of the skill players, who can run all day. If the coaches are really going to cut back on penalties, which is a high priority, then they've got to know that a truly sickening experience awaits them at the end of practice. Vance Cuff alone must have left a gallon of vomit on the field, and he was one of many who were heaving throughout the exercise.

Anyone out there who thinks the coaches aren't doing anything to cut back on penalties needs to go out on a hot day, bang heads with elite athletes for a couple of hours while getting chewed out by intense and intimidating men, and then rolling 200 yards to cap it off.

IveyLeaguer said...

Thanks for those comments, Anon.

200 yards of rolls. That's more like it. Whatever it takes. This team has got to toughen up all the way around if it wants to win anything.