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Friday, March 26, 2010

Where Have You Gone David Hale?

A quick update:

Unfortunately, I'm still going to be M.I.A. until likely Sunday. But I assure you, it's driving me crazy being away, so I'm probably going to set the bar at approximately 94 posts next week.

Also, I want desperately to write a 6,000-word diatribe on the Urban Meyer outburst. But it'll have to wait for a mailbag column that is in the works for early next week. (But, to ruin the surprise, my favorite part was that after the outburst, he had to go tell his daughter what a "bad guy" the reporter was, too. See... he is a family man after all!)

(And, as a friend of the blog, we can firmly attest that Jeremy Fowler is not a bad guy.)

In any case, I can't heap enough praise on the great work being done by Fletcher Page and Brandon Spoon in my absence. Don't forget about me just because they've made me obsolete!

And big thanks to all of you who sent along emails in my absence. They're very much appreciated. It's great to know that, even when I'm off spending some quality time with my family, I'm still hearing from my extended family in Athens.


dawgjammin said...


Since we are so "thin" at wide receiver and so stocked up at DB, can you find out if the coaches are thinking of switching anyone from DB to play WR. I know our 4 deep at TE helps a bit, but you still gotta have those guys on the outside fresh. I've seen recruiting video of most of these guys, a lot of them are playmakers with the ball in their hands. Most played a run/pass QB in highschool. Pugh, Love or Commings probably could easily make the transition.

It wouldn't be the first time a db got converted to help out the offense, Robert Edwards and Mikey Henderson standout in my memory.

Can you do some research on this?

Also, I hope whatever you've been dealing with subsides, we've missed you on the blog.

Anonymous said...

I cant quit you either David.

Anonymous said...

First, always the best, both for you and about your work...

On the lighter side,Could you and Jeremy have a blog series about which is worse the CMR stare down or the Corch (Mutombo esque) finger wave?

Too bad you don't have film

Also could you ask Jeremy was that beeping sound (in the background of the video) was that the bus backing up the Urban was throwing him under?

Anonymous said...

The Gator coach before Urban went to a UF fraternity house and threaten some kids there. Now Urban is saying he would fight a reporter. Is there a designated adult on the Gator staff?

Kathleen said...

I would love to see Urban Meyer fighting anyone just to see what that could actually look like.... I'd even fight him!

Cojones said...

Kathleen-Bad Dog! Wanna Treat?

Crier is a poser. The reporter is a slug for leaving out clarifying quotes and even baited the reader with the title. Crier couldn't have had a better platform to take attention off him and Timmy. A poor article seeking sensationalism at the price of questioning the kid's team-member loyalty plus future and that stirs the pot as well as the team is all Poser Crier needed to carry his "I- champion-the-player!" banner yet 10 more yds upfield. The more the media defends the slug, the more publicity for Poser Crier and FU football. If I didn't know better, I'd swear that the whole thing is a conspiracy involving the AD, the Slug and the Poser. "You write this and...", "we will defend the player to look more like we give a big rat's ass about these kids...", "...then walk back and threaten him with loss of campus priviledges and both legs", "... then walk off with your arms around your daughter(?) to show what a family man you are notwithstanding the eye-goughing discipline you screwed up with earlier during the season". That The Poser did that; posed, only increases my paranoia.