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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Practice Update (3/16)

Quick practice update...

Not too much to report today. It was a lot of what you'd expect from a fairly sunny day after nearly two weeks off. Everyone looked energetic, virtually no injuries.

Fred Munzenmaier was the only player in green today, and he was still running through most of the early drills. He won't be involved in any contact stuff, but beyond that he looked fine. The handful of green-clad players from spring practice Day 1 were all back to work today.

Watched the secondary work for a while today. Here's how the teams shook out:

First team -- Boykin, Cuff, Bacarri Rambo and Shawn Williams
Second team -- Branden Smith, Sanders Commings, Jakar Hamilton and Nick Williams
Third team -- Jordan Love, Makiri Pugh, Quintin Banks and Corey Dunson (a walk-on)

Probably not worth reading a ton into that at this point, but Williams' run with the first-teamers probably means he did something to catch Scott Lakatos' attention.


Andy said...

Thanks for the update David. You may be planning on giving more of an update later, but has there been any noticeable change in the distribution of QB snaps? I am wondering if there is any apparent on field fallout form Mettenberger's Spring Break frivolities.

JRL said...

Looking at the early secondary depth (I know it is way early) made me stop and think - that is really three groups of pretty good players.

I suspect more than one of the 2nd or 3rd group were put there for motivational purposes.

David Hale said...

Andy -- I watched two QB drills and Murray took first team snaps on one, Gray on the other. Mett was working though and for all I know he worked first team on other drills.

JRL -- I agree. I was thinking about this yesterday. If you look at Smith, Boykin, Hamilton and Rambo, I'd say there's a decent chance that's four future NFL guys right there, and two of them haven't even locked down starting jobs yet. That's solid depth.

Andy said...

Thanks David. And I agree about the secondary. I am actually expecting Smith, Boykin, Hamilton, and Rambo to be the starters on opening day, with several guys like Williams and Banks getting plenty of reps.

JRL said...

David - Just to make sure I wasn't delusional I checked the rankings. I know the Stars have been debated over and over however if you look at what Lakatos has accomplished with lesser talent you have to be pumped.

Boykin 4 Star
Cuff 4 Star
Rambo 3 Star
S Williams 3 Star

Smith 5 Star
Commings 3 Star
Hamilton 4 Star
N Williams 3 Star

Love 4 Star
Pugh 3 Star
Banks 3 Star

Carter said...


I have DIRECTV. Is there anyway (TV or web) I can watch G-Day?


JRL said...

Carter I think CSS is carrying the game.

Carter said...

CSS is Charter and Comcast, so they're not on DIRECTV. Missing the game would be a small price to pay for not having to deal with Charter & Comcast, though.

UGA69Dawg said...

The 1st string lineup in the D backs is a sign of things to come. CSL plays the smart guys not the athletes. You have to be able to think to play. We have suffered the last few years with players who were lost mentally.