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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Here's the stats from Georgia's Saturday morning scrimmage. As always, these are unofficial...


Caleb King - 6 carries, 79 yards, long of 55

Washaun Ealey - 9 carries, 64 yards, long of 23

Carlton Thomas - 8 carries, 25 yards, long of 12


Aaron Murray - 10-15 – 125 yards, 1 TD, 40 long, INT

Logan Gray - 6-14, INT 37, long of 12, 3 sacks

Zach Mettenberger - 7-10, 157 yards, TD, long of 45, 2 sacks


Rantavious Wooten - 6 catches, 146, TD

A.J. Green - 1 catch, 40 yards, TD

Shaun Chapas – 2 catches, 22 yards

Orson Charles - 1 catch, 15 yards

Charles White - 1 catch, 12 yards


Baccari Rambo 5 tackles, 1 TFL, INT

Akeem Dent – 6 tackles, 1 TFL

Darryl Gamble – 3 tackles, 1 sack

Jakar Hamilton – 3 tackles, 1 pass deflection

Shawn Williams - 1 tackle, INT for a TD

Derrick Lott - 3 tackles, 2 TFL

By: Fletcher Page


jm from louisville said...

The big two stats the jump off the page are Green's 1 catch and the INT's by Murray and Gray.

Any chane there's any context for those stats...

Obviously Green's TD catch was thrown by Murray.

How did the INT's go down? 1 of them was returned for a TD by the safety Williams, so I'm guessing there was a big return and it wasn't just a waltz right into the endzone.

Ordep said...
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UGA69Dawg said...

Bye Bye Logan. We need him at WR after Met serves his time.

Looks like that 3-4 needs to tighten up against the run.

Ally said...

The difference in sacks jumped out at me.

David, was there any difference in the Oline set when Logan & Mett were in or was there a difference in the D?

If not, judging by only by the stats of this one scrimmage (which clearly is dangerous) there certainly seems to be some notable separation between the 3 QBs. Although Mett still had a very productive and impressive showing.

Also, are those all of the WR stats? Seems odd that only AJ & Woot got work. I was especially looking forward to seeing some stats from Durham.

Thanks so much for the info! Really appreciate you getting these out to us so quickly.

Fletcher said...
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Sandpuppy said...

Like others wrote, the nos. don't tell the whole story but certainly Wooten looks like a real "catcher". Add Logan at end and along with the others, including Green, and it may just be the best receiever corps GA has had in a long, long time. Now, it'll be Zack to show what he's got.

Fletcher said...

Logan did work with the second team. So, his was behind the second team OL.

Wooten got the most reps of any receiver, playing with both the ones and twos. A.J.has nothing left to prove, and didn't get that many reps.

These stats are unofficial, and if you notice, the completions don't match up with the number of receptions. It's 12 short I believe. So, i'm sure Durham and TK made some plays, they just were logged.

Murray threw his TD to Green.
Mett threw his to Wooten. It was actually 65 yards.

Rambo picked off an underthrown ball. Williams picked off a ball thrown behind the receiver, and sixed it.

According to Richt, the defense won the first half, offense battled back in the second.

Anonymous said...

When you take out the longest runs by King and Ealy, the averages are decent, and pretty close. Considering the talent of those two, and the OL they are running behind, I wouldn't read too much into the rush defense showing. Not saying that isn't a concern with a new scheme and the talent we lost up front, but I am not surprised or disappointed by these numbers. UGA will not face a better OL, or set of RBs, in the SEC (and these numbers could have been against the 2nd team defense.)

Kathleen said...

Shaun Chapas.. 2 receptions, no rushing? Is that just the way the scrimmage played out? Surely he's not changing places?

Kathleen said...

Anon I checked my sources and heard that Caleb ran against 1st team offense but he only played the first half.

Kathleen said...

Gah... I mean he ran against 1st team DEFENSE.

It'd be something if he ran against he offense...

Anonymous said...

Kathleen, much easier to make yardage against the offense, always an open field behind him! Could explain all the yardage for one half. :)

Carter said...

We've got the wrong receiver wanting to return punts. Wooten was put on earth to be a punt returner and slot receiver.

You don't see guys with A.J. Green's body type returning punts. You want Wes Welker at PR, not Randy Moss.

Andy said...

Thanks for the info in lieu of David, Fletcher! You may be planning on doing this in a later post, but can you give your impressions of the QBs outside of the stats? For instance, did Murray throw well in the pocket? Did Mett seem to make good reads, or did he force throws? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure the scrimmage was closed so he wouldn't have been able to see anything.

Anonymous said...



Fletcher said...

Yes, the scrimmage was closed to the media, and we didn't get many details of that nature.

Wooten has been getting work at punt returner, btw.

Anonymous said...

Does Thomas have problems catching/securing punts? He seems like the consummate punt returner with his soze, shiftiness, and speed.

BigMuddyDawg said...

I believe it's been stated that Carlton has been taking some reps at punt returner as well.