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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wednesday Links... Sort of

First off, my apologies. Part II of our mailbag may have to wait until tomorrow. I've got a bunch of stuff on my plate for this afternoon, and I'm not sure I'll get time to finish it up. We shall see.

Today's not exactly a real links post today. But a few quick links first...

-- Our pal Fletcher Page has a little wager going with Dean Legge at the Dawg Post. Fletcher said Dawg Post's Facebook page could reach 1,000 fans in 30 days. Dean doubted the ability of social networking to network quite so quickly. The wager? A steak dinner. So... if you want Fletcher (who is working off freelance wages for me, by the way!) to be eating good in the neighborhood, do him a favor and befriend the Dawg Post.

-- And as a thank you for all the readers who helped him out, Fletcher has a really good story in today's Telegraph on the teaching methods of Georgia's new defensive backs coach, Scott Lakatos.

-- The Senator takes down someone trying to make ESPN look bad. What is the world coming to? Dogs and cats, living together... mass hysteria!

-- MSN takes a close look at the best college towns in America and gives Athens prime billing. (h/t Bernie)

-- Blogging Pantsless passes along some news from Mark Richt that an unnamed member of Georgia's coaching staff is going through a tough time after his mother was diagnosed with cancer. Much of the last month for me has involved a similar story with my grandfather, so I can relate. I can't offer any further insight as to which coach it is, but surely some prayers are warranted.

-- I only know the game as Cornhole, but apparently "Baggo" is the same thing, and they're now offering Georgia boards, if you should find yourself in the market for them.

-- Reason No. 5,146,983 to hate the NCAA... Break rules, screw program, walk away, get new job one year later while former school suffers with the consequences of your rule-breaking. Tim Floyd and the NCAA... a match made in... well, somewhere.

-- As for the rest of the links, you'll have to click over to where I penned a guest post for the day. The site's proprietor is former UGA beat writer C. Trent Rosecrans, who has spent the last month in Arizona covering Reds spring training. In his absence, a few other bloggers have chipped in to write his normal "Thinking Out Loud" posts -- which are much like the links posts I write here. Can't tell you there's any Georgia content over there, but if you're looking for additional reading material, that's your site to see today.

Back with more later this afternoon.


Ben S said...

Hey David,

This is a question regarding your previous post. You quoted Coach Richt as saying, in reference to G-Day:

"They’ll be a red and a white team, and [the QBs] be wearing black . . ."

This was probably just an offhand comment, but do you know if there's a specific rationale for moving back to the traditional red and white teams (as opposed to the red and black teams from the previous two games)? Namely, is CMR purposefully trying to move away from the "gimmicky" uniforms of the past few years? Might be reading too much into it but it caught my eye. Thanks!

David Hale said...

That's the unis worn in practice, Ben, so I'm guessing that's why they're doing it at G-Day. I don't think it was anything intentional -- and it's possible Richt may have just been speaking off the cuff without really knowing exactly what color the unis will be on G-Day.

Ben S said...

Yeah, I figured. Thanks.

Story said...


It seems odd that with all the depth issues at wide receiver the coaches are standing firm Branden Smith will focus primarily on defense. I'm not so sure Thing One couldn't be a Percy Harvin clone.