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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday Links (3/14)

Sorry for the lack of posts the last couple of days. A family emergency forced me to head straight from Nashville back home to Delaware, so I'm a little out of pocket. I'm hoping to be back in Athens in time for Pro Day and the reboot of spring practice on Tuesday, but that's a bit up in the air still.

I should have a few posts regardless, but not as many as usual. In the meantime though, a few links...

-- Mark Fox sees Year 1 as a major building blocks for the revitalized Bulldogs.

-- The Grit Tree looks at the significant progress made by Georgia in 2010.

-- It's an interesting world we live in now that there's a site called and I'm actually reading it. Anyway, they have an interview up with Reshad Jones. (h/t Senator)

-- Giants 101 has an interview with former Bulldog Danny Ware.

-- The Elvis Skinner looks in depth at Caleb King and Washaun Ealey to find out if one stood out over the other in the Bulldogs' backfield.

-- Leather Helmet Blog has a classic interview with sack master Richard Tardits.

-- Dancing in the Endzone has a piece about Tim Tebow's Wonderlic score with a link to a sample exam. (I scored a 40... but I've also never circumsized a baby.)

-- If Bill Stewart is even half right about the changes in store for college football, it would mean a seizmic shift in the sport's landscape.

-- Uga8 has an update on Georgia's streaking men's tennis team, which now boasts a home winning streak of 70 matches.

-- has a good story on Minnesota Twins outfielder Denard Span, who, as you may remember, is close friends with current Georgia Bulldog Josh Murray.

-- Wherever you fall on the health care debate, this is an incredibly troubling report. (Update: See my follow-up in the comments section for clarification on this link.)

-- A major character is leaving "Parks and Recreation."

-- "24" could be saved by a move to NBC (if you call that being saved).

-- Sadly, it doesn't sound like Amy Ryan will be turning up on "The Office" again any time soon. (Which I'm even sadder about after having rewatched Season 2 of "The Wire" recently... she's great.)

OK, that's all I've got for now. Enjoy watching some hoops today and hopefully I'll have another post or two tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Dave, first things first: I hope that all's well with your family. Take care of them first, and the dawgs can wait.

OK, then, I agree with everyone who considers you to be the greatest football reporter on earth, and I mean that sincerely. Having said that, as Larry David might say, I think that you do play it both ways when it comes to politics. You criticize Tiger and Lebron for being politically neutral, but you do pull your liberal punches on things like health care and other red-meat issues. I'm liberal too, so it's not your position I'm knocking. I think you've got a legitimate concern that southern football fans are pretty politically conservative, and that making your politics more explicit would alienate many of them. I understand that and don't blame you for suppressing your views. But can you really then criticize high-profile athletes for laying low politically because it might create image/popularity/marketing problems for them?

I again salute your outstanding UGA sports coverage, which is not an issue here, and wish you and your family the best.

BigMuddyDawg said...

David, sorry to hear about your family problems. I hope everything is ok and will be thinking good thoughts for you and your family. Take care and we'll see you when you get back.

Anonymous said...

The thought of seeing 24 on NBC is frightening. Imagine Jack Bauer being neutered by the radical left. No more great, strong Presidents like Palmer and Taylor to back Jack's efforts. We would probably end up with an administration similar to the wimps we currently have in the Executive Branch. Think I would rather see 24 die a natural death than get a gender makeover.

Anonymous said...

I can handle a little "Lost" conversation here and there but please leave the politics out of the football blogs. Politics is for a different place and you certainly arent going win a left sided battle about an ultra liberal subject on a blog about UGA football. I love the blog and it is the only one that I care to read, but lets keep the politics out of it.

Brad said...


Sorry to hear about your family, hope everything is alright.

As far as the doubling of maternal deaths, health care reform or expansion wouldn't help anything. Free prenatal care is available to anyone in the United States. The reasons for the skew in statistics vs. other countries is due to our geography (much larger percentage of rural areas) and cultural composition, which is among the most varied in the world and contributes a great deal to the unique health care problems in the US (and are also the cause of, for instance, the lower life expectancy in this country vs. in others).

Coming from someone in medical school that routinely volunteers in homeless shelters, I can assure you that the only problem with health care (not insurance) access for pregnant mothers (despite amnesty international's "statistics" about health care) would be the rural nature of much of this country.

On another note, when you get back, are you going to get a chance to discuss with David Perno the seemingly sorry state of the baseball team thus far this year? Do you think it's due more to the suspensions/youth of the team, or did we overestimate things like the pitching this season?


Anonymous said...

I agree that politics should stay off the blog - no need to mix in derision with the "I don't care how you fall on this issue, but you CERTAINLY would agree with me on this issue" angle.

Make sure you research how other countries go about their medical statistics reporting before you jump in the pool of "we're the worst!" No...we're just honest. And we report everything.

Brad said...


Another quick question. As someone that lives in New Orleans and doesn't often get to watch UGA sports, live or otherwise (other than football, thankfully), the upgrade to the georgiadogs baseball gametracker seemed awesome at first, but after using it a few times to try to follow games, i've noticed it takes a long time to load because (I'm assuming) of the size of the program, and it often freezes. I'm also assuming this is handled by someone in the UGA Athletic Department. Are there bugs they're still working on, or is this the one we're stuck with?


David Hale said...

Hey guys,

Thanks for the well wishes. Its much appreciated.

First off, wanted to apologize/clear up the "health care" comment. I truly was not trying to push an opinion on anyone, but rather simply pass along the article which -- for stats purposes -- I found interesting and concerning. (My sister is due in a month, so I have a bit of a personal stake in those reports, too.)

I any case, what I meant to imply with "whichever side of the issue you're on" was that I didn't think that report had anything to do with the "health care issue" but rather was simply a health issue in general. What I was hoping by writing "whichever side you're on" was that the article could be approached without any bias from your opinion about Obamacare and public options, etc.

As Brad pointed out, there is a ton of free medical care available to expecting mothers, and our national healthcare has not changed drastically during the time period in question -- so I'm not sure that has much to do with the statistics. I considered the story a health story and not a health care story, which is why I linked to it. Upon hearing your comments though, I'll do my best to be a bit more conservative in which stories like that I select for links in the future. (And by conservative I mean careful, not right-leaning).

Anyway, long story short -- this was in no way meant to change anyone's mind on health care reform but rather to simply pass along some info on a health-related issue if you were interested in reading it (which obviously, you weren't obligated to). I'm agreement that this is not a political blog, and I have no intentions of pushing my opinions on you here. That wasn't my intention and, my guess is, the assumption many drew about what opinion I was trying to push is actually pretty far from what my actual take on health care reform is.

As for the other issues brought up:

-- Now that hoops is over, I'll have a bit more baseball coverage. Just haven't had the time to concentrate on it with any degree of detail to this point, but hopefully that will change in the next couple of weeks.

-- And Brad, I know a lot of the ISP stuff is a bit of a work in progress, but my guess on that is that what you have is what you're gonna get for the foreseeable future. And you are not even close to the only one to complain about it.

Now a question for you, as a New Orleans resident -- I'm going to be there twice in the next few months. What would be your top 2-3 restaurant recommendations?

Brad said...


Depends on how much you want to spend, mostly, and I'll assume you'll have a car, so travel won't be as big an issue.

First things first - poboys. There is an incredible place in MidCity called Parkway Bakery that I believe has the best poboys overall. Cheap, excellent food, with a full bar.

Just outside the French Quarter on Esplanade Ave (easily walkable if you'll be staying on Canal Street) is a great burger place called Port of Call, along with my favorite "Bourbon Street Drink", the monsoon, a drink that tastes good, isn't too sugary (like the hand grenades or Hurricanes", and packs a pretty strong punch.

For dinner, the must-attend place is called Jacques-Imo's, a small place on Oak Street with some of the best Cajun/Creole seafood creations in the city. As an indicator, they start you with crawfish cornbread (only after taking your drink order of course).

The other place I love to take people is in the Warehouse District, called Cochon's Deli. An authentic Cajun restaurant that features (among other things) fried alligator and an incredible fried oyster and bacon sandwich.

Hope you have a great trip!

Anonymous said...



I thought we were on the same page:
#1: UGA Football
#2: UGA Basketball
#3: Lost
#4: UGA Baseball

JRL said...

David you probably know this. I suggest you go to The Central Grocery and grab a muffuletta. For a good wake up and sweet need Cafe Du Monde for coffee and beignets.

Dawgfan17 said...

David, I actually like the link and that comes from a very politically conservative person. Way too long to express my total view in just a comments section but the problem with "solving" the healthcare issues in our country is that we are approaching it backwards. We are simply looking at the end, affordable healthcare for everyone, instead of looking at the root problems that cause many of the most expensive care. Two examples. Woman number one comes to the ER and signs in "abdominal pain" when she gets back to be seen tells the nurse she thinks she is pregnant and just wants a test. It would have cost her a couple dollars to get the same exact test done at home then could have followed up at a clinic for free but she comes to the ER which is the most expensive place to get treatment because she knew she would never have to pay a dime in the long run. Example 2, 21 year old girl comes into the ER and is having other problems but is talking to my wife(works in er) and she says she is pregnant with her third child. My wife comments how having two children and being 30 is hard she can't imagine having had 3 at the age of 21. The girl then states well I didn't want a 3rd but my rent went up 50 dollars so I to have another one to get the extra money from her welfare. Getting health care reform (no matter if you support rep. or dem. ideals) will not do anything to address what causes people to have these types of mentalities.

Cojones said...

David- Enjoyed it all. Don't know any Dawg fans that wouldn't read your work even if you include asides that tint the political atmosphere while it is in such a rancorous and acidic state be they Republican, Democrat or Independent. If the shade of your thoughts would offend anyone such that they would stop reading your words about the Dawgs, then they ain't Dawg fans anyway. We all deserve that you or no other writer would cow-tow to that element of fan fervor that can't read, think or feel sensitively toward their fellow man. That ilk is not a fan if they can't take the chaff along with the grain.

People read you because you hang your good feelings about the Dawgs in a way that lets us all take on a meaningful dialogue(Blogalogue) about our favorite team and game. It updates the alumni to what's happening in all our sports and we are appreciative of the service you provide. Thank you and the health article was well worth calling attention to and the responses have added some to a pleasurable day. Thank you. And your first responder said it well for me except that I feel anyone of high-profile status should speak and damn quick help allay insufferable twisted information that hurts families and athletes.

Tarun Kumar said...

nice blog on health problems