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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Football Fix

I'm likely going to be away from Athens most of this week, but I'm hoping to still have a reasonable amount of content to post.

Fletcher Page is covering practice, and I posted his notes yesterday.

In the Telegraph this weekend, I also had stories on Jordan Love's return to the playing field after missing all of last year with a foot injury and the added weapon on offense Georgia could enjoy this year if the fleet-footed Aaron Murray wins the quarterback job.

Hopefully that can serve as your UGA fix for the weekend, and we'll have some more UGA practice video up tomorrow.


Anonymous said...


Good luck back home - hope all is well.

Anonymous said...

4.7 is not particularly fast in the 40-yard dash, and that is what Aaron Murray's fleet-footed speed is for a guy who is right at 6 feet tall and 198 lbs. His small size would indicate that you would expect injuries trying to ask him to run the ball. This would not be his game.

So far, we have not had Aaron Murray be able to have practices even at UGA because of injuries to his knee, ankle, and leg due to his slight body style, and then he threw his arm out last year and was not able to practice even.

In fact, that would be Logan Gray's game, instead to run the football. Logan Gray who is 3 inches taller than Aaron Murray is 4.45 in the 40-yard dash, which is fleet-footed.

In The SEC, there are guys on the Defensive Line faster than Aaron Murray. And, all the linebackers are. So are all the Secondary players, also faster than Aaron Murray.

Aaron Murray is not big enough, and not durable enough to run the football, and the vast majority of eveyone on defense is faster than him too.

Why say he is fleet-footed ?

Tell him he is fleet-footed and expected to run the football, and this season will be over very early for him and will toast Mike Bobo and Coach Richt, not to mention, our team.

We cannot afford to have Aaron Murray injured yet again, and he is NOT fast.

Anonymous said...

Comparing Aaron Murray to DJ Shockley is even more of a stretch, since not only again is DJ Shockley faster than Aaron Murray with DJ's time in the 40-yard dash of 4.56 to Aaron Murray only 4.7, and DJ Shockley is 20 lbs more muscle with again several inches in height advantage for DJ over Aaron Murray.

Beyond all that DJ Shockley is known for having a Strong Arm, while again Aaron Murray is not known for having a Strong Arm, more frequently referred to as throwing then a catchable ball for Aaron Murray.