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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Practice Report (3/18)

A few tidbits from the early part of Thursday's practice...

-- Watched the QBs for a while and, as Mike Bobo promised, Zach Mettenberger was working with the No. 1 unit. Most of what I watched was handoff drills, and Bobo spent some time working with Mett on watching the ball into the hands of the tailback and keeping an eye on the follow-through. Richt also took Mett aside for some pointers.

-- The O line groups were as follows:

First team (R-L) Josh Davis, Chris Davis, Ben Jones, Cordy Glenn and Clint Boling
Second team (R-L) Jonathan Owens, Ben Harden, Chris Burnette, Kolton Houston and A.J. Harmon.

-- In the early defensive drills, each D unit spent time working with each D coach. Scott Lakatos worked with all players on stripping the ball, Warren Belin worked with players on getting off blocks, Rodney Garner worked with players on pass rush, and Todd Grantham worked on sled drills.

-- Speaking of Todd Grantham, his brother, Tony -- a linebackers coach at Navy -- was in attendance today.

-- The starting lineup in the secondary remained the same for the second straight practice: Brandon Boykin and Vance Cuff at corner and Shawn Williams and Bacarri Rambo at safety.

-- The last two periods we watched, the linebackers and secondary worked together on coverage drills. Darryl Gamble and Akeem Dent worked at the Mike and Moe positions (i.e. the inside 'backers). Cornelius Washington was in at OLB. At one point, Grantham got in the face of Cuff for a slip-up in coverage -- but Cuff was hardly the only person to hear some vocal critiques. Grantham is definitely the loudest guy on the field. We'll have some good video of that coming in the next couple of days.

-- Prince Miller and Bryan Evans were in attendance at practice today, too.

-- Again, no significant green jerseys to report.


JRL said...

Is it my delusional thought process or is my renewed hope brought on by the staff changes?

I am as excited by the prospect of seeing a disciplined well coached team as I have been in decades of watching UGA football.

The won / loss record may not improve much but I see good things in the future.

Carter said...


How much of practice is open to the press, and do you get to watch practice all the way up to G-Day?

It sure seems like we have alot of bodies at ILB. I always thought Samuel was better suited at ILB, but still. We need to kick somebody outside by fall to keep the OLBs fresh.

Anonymous said...

What a great and detailed post. I am really glad that I came across this blog. Thanks for the great info.

One question though, Do you know if Justin Anderson is practicing with the 3rd string?

Anonymous said...

I like early on what I see Lakatos doing with Jakar. From Jakar's comments, he is full of confidence and obviously well proven in the JUCO league, but our coaches are giving him no sense of entitlement and making him earn a position. My guess is he has the talent to start, but by handling his ego this way I think they will get an even higher performance out of him down the line.
Richt and Bobo did this same type of deal with Stafford his first spring when they put him 3rd string behind Blake Barnes. Now do you really think Blake Barnes was ever ahead of Matthew Stafford on a real depth chart?
These D coaches are going to be the difference maker. We are all going to realize how poorly coached our D has been the past few years I believe.

Anonymous said...

Man, that second team OL inspires very little confidence with me right now. Of course, they are young, but I hope Sturdivant can come back and provide some depth.

UGA69Dawg said...

I'm sorry but unless Cuff makes a radical change from last year I can't see him at 1st string CB. He can't tackle. Now I've heard that our CB will not be used as much in run support this year since the OLB's protect the edge but load what Thomas did to him at Tech was awful to watch.

I hope on of the drills is to teach the secondary the right pursuit angles. You have to let them know that they are not faster than a speeding bullet and need to take the angle.

HamDawg11 said...

Man, I couldn't agree with Uga69Dawg more about Cuff. I really like the kid, but he looks like B.Evans all over again. I can't get the images of the Tech game outta my head. Yeah, he's aggressive, but his tackling skills just aren't there. I would love to see Sanders Commings be able to lock down the other corner. He's got the size and strength, just don't know about his coverage skills. I hear Branden Smith has bulked up, and we know he's got the wheels. I trust Lakatos makes the right decision.

Anonymous said...

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Agent Scully said...


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