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Friday, March 5, 2010

Video Blog: Spring Practice Kicks Off

Some video highlights of the first day of practice, courtesy of our pal Brandon Spoon...


j.leonardjr said...

Nice video dig at the punters and kickers!

King Jericho said...

I've never seen a spring practice before, but this really REALLY gets me pumped about next season.

1) All of the QBs looked great, but Logan Gray really impressed me (besides that missed throw at the end of his piece).

2) Coach Belin looks like he's all about fundamentals. The linebackers piece looks very promising. Some really great footwork from a lot of the guys.

3) Punters and kickers just made me laugh.

4) The offense looked like they were just really getting after it on those drills.

I'm so READY!

Ben Dukes said...

I was surprised to see Marcus Dowtin "loafing" through one of the LB drills. I mean, an individual drill isn't something you can loaf through and get away with it. Maybe on a full-group drill or on something like a gasser you can slack a little bit because they can't watch EVERYONE (though I for one never was a fan of slackers...I'll go on a scholarship v tirade at my own blog...don't want to taint David's). But Dowtin, whom I thought made great strides last season (with the exception of a certain missed tackle against a certain yellow and purple team), was certainly not someone I expected to be loafing.

I loved the response by Belin, "That's how we WIN." Fundamentals! Do the little things right. Then, when Dowtin did the drill again - he had the quickest feet in the group.

Punters and kickers....well, that was pretty funny. Too bad the videographer didn't catch them playing soccer, freeze-tag, or napping.

For the QBs, it's hard for me to tell much. Their mechanics were very similar - which you would expect since they've all been learning under the same QB coach. Murray and Gray looked interchangable. Swap their jerseys, and I doubt too many people would realize it. Mettenberger, because of his size, stuck out to me...and I thought I'd see more speed on the ball (after hearing about his howitzer arm). Still, all three had good footwork and pretty decent ball placement. Murray threw a few at the waist and knees of his receivers....probably just first day jitters.

Remember, drills tell you nothing about how kids will play on Saturday. I remember driving Ben Watson off the boards during 1-on-1 drills. Guess who's in the NFL and who's blogging.

Ginny said...

I've never seen spring practice before either, but to be honest, I really have no idea what anything I just watched meant. Like Ben, the QBs looked exactly the same to me. I guess I was halfway expecting Aaron Murray to really stand out but they all performed about the same. No wonder the coaches said they probably wouldn't be able to declare a starter after spring practice. Either way I will probably be rewatching this video every day until the season begins. Gotta get a fix somehow.

Anonymous said...


Great work and I cant wait to see some more video blogs in the near future. One question please, can you find out why A Murray is wearing a glove on his throwing hand?

Anonymous said...

Gray "looks" good because he's very athletic. It doesn't necessarily mean he can be the answer at QB.

Just going from their resumes, the new defensive staff are all great teachers and that is why I couldn't be more pleased with the staff Richt has been able to put together.

Stuart said...

I found some Lost talk btw bill simmons and chuck klosterman, starts at the 18:00 min mark. Other writers mix Lost and sports too, you aren't the only one. I laughed during the disclaimer at the beginning too

Muckbeast said...

It looked to me like Aaron Murray's ball had a LOT more zip on it.

The punters and kickers bit was awesome.

Ally said...

David, have you been able to find out why Zach "punt block" Renner left the team? I love this kid & thought he was really happy at UGA.

Thanks for any info you can share.

Kathleen said...

Nice video!! Love that Belin ..."this is your new position! everything you do will be in this position...!"

(that's what she said)