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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesday Notes (11/25)

Rennie Curran has watched enough film of the Georgia Tech offense to have learned one indisputable fact. At some point Saturday, the Yellow Jackets are going to get a big play against the Georgia defense.

Tech's triple option is designed to cause confusion and gash the opposition, and Curran said there's a good chance that will happen on a few plays in this year's game. The key, he said, is to be ready for it.

"That type of offense thrives off of misdirection, confusing guys and making them get frustrated," Curran said. "If you really don't know your keys and your assignments, it can really make any one of their athletes extra good. If you start looking around, looking for the ball, it can make their offense look really good."

Against Florida earlier this month, the Gators turned a few big plays into a rout when Georgia's defenders began hanging their heads, defensive tackle Corvey Irvin said. Against Tech, the Bulldogs need to keep their focus regardless of any early success the Yellow Jackets might have.

"We just can't get frustrated when something goes wrong." Irvin said. "We've just got to have thick skin about it and get ready for the next play."

That, too, comes back to preparation during the week, Curran said.
If Georgia knows what to expect, regrouping and adjusting won't be as big a challenge.

"I feel like even if there are a couple things busted here and there that we can go on the sidelines and regroup and take care of those things," Curran said, "as long as we get it right here in practice this week so there's nothing that surprises us."

-- Right tackle Justin Anderson's injured foot is feeling better this week, head coach Mark Richt said, and the redshirt freshman hasn't been officially ruled out for this week's game against Georgia Tech.

Richt said Anderson could get some work against the scout team in practice, and if he continues to improve, he could be available for Saturday's game.

"We'll see how he holds up, but he moved around pretty good (Monday), and we're going to at least give him a shot against the scout team," Richt said.

-- Curran said he knows just how important it is for his Bulldogs to beat Georgia Tech, but the criticism he's heard from fans after Georgia's first two losses has already made this a long season.

Curran said he tries to avoid fan message boards and criticism of the team on the radio, but admits curiosity often gets the better of him. While most of his teammates don't admit to checking in on fans' comments, he said most of them still do.

While Curran said the criticism particularly of defensive coordinator Willie Martinez has been difficult, his teammates haven't let it get to them this season.

"Nobody really stays talking about that stuff," Curran said. "We're all young athletes. We all have lives. When we step on the field, it's all about business, and in the locker room or when we're in classes and all that, we're just regular guys. I think people forget that sometimes."

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