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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tuesday Links (11/4)

Just a few links today before I head over for Mark Richt's weekly news conference...

-- I have a story on Blair Walsh's kicking problems of late. He seems to still have a good outlook on things, and he said his biggest problem is he was looking up to see where the ball went rather than making sure he got a good hit on the ball.

-- Chip Towers looks at Georgia's defensive statistics and finds some ugly numbers. In his blog, Chip wonders what the future for Willie Martinez will be.

-- T Kyle King can't be kept down long. Over at Dawg Sports, he explains why Georgia will dominate Florida next season.

-- Georgia Sports Blog has Florida atop its SEC power poll. I know everyone is in love with Florida right now -- and given that they've beaten their last two opponents 112-13, it's hard not to be -- but I think that defense was really exposed by Georgia. A good passing team (USC? Texas Tech? Texas?) would have a field day against the Gators' D.

-- The Red & Black's Fletcher Page writes in his blog that Travis Leslie could be Georgia's next big hoops star.

-- This should cheer up Bulldogs fans: Total UGA has Halloween pictures from the Cocktail Party.

-- The Saints placed former Bulldog Charles Grant on IR.

-- ESPN's Chris Low says Tennessee's AD is on the hot seat now and has the full video of the Phil Fulmer press conference announcing his resignation.

-- With Fulmer out, Michael Alpert reports that Georgia and Georgia Tech have made a push for Vols' recruit Toney Williams.

-- Knoxville's John Adams has some ideas on a Phil Fulmer replacement.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I feel bad for Martinez. He's not the best DC out there, but he's pretty good. It would be much easier to end up with a worse DC than a better one, for sure.

It wasn't the defense that lost the game, though they could make a few improvements (our lack of dominant DEs is disappointing compared to previous years).

Anyway, I get really tired of the AJC coverage of the Bulldogs because of stories like this. They swing back and forth between "Bulldogs are great" and "Bulldogs suck" and offer nothing insightful. I've given up on checking the AJC for Bulldog coverage the last couple years because of this crap.