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Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday Links (11/14)

Sorry for the lateness in posting these. My place has been a mess for weeks and I keep saying I'm going to clean, but going out of town every weekend for a game has sort of put a damper on those grandiose plans. So I decided today was going to have to be the day. It seems a bit silly, I guess, to put lots of effort into cleaning your house just before you are planning to leave -- which I'll be doing in a couple hours -- but then again, that's the only way it will actually stay clean for more than a day.

Anyway, enough about that, here are a handful of links for your reading pleasure...

-- I have a story in today's Telegraph about how all the injuries Georgia has suffered this season have made fielding an experienced group on special teams nearly impossible.

-- Chip Towers writes that it has been a long road for the Bulldogs the past four weeks, but this week finally concludes an extensive road trip. I, for one, am thrilled.

-- Georgia Sports Blog has a video post today with Vince Dooley talking about his memories of the UGA-Auburn series.

-- Get the Picture has some final thoughts on this week's matchup.

-- Total UGA wonders how Auburn will stop Matthew Stafford (warning: subscription required).

-- The Birmingham News says Tommy Tuberville's uncertain future is having an effect on Auburn's recruiting. Mark Richt was asked about Tuberville yesterday. His answer ended up turning into a story about forgetting Katharyn's birthday, so suffice it to say there wasn't a lot of Tubs insight. Perhaps I'll post the transcribed version of the story later.

-- The AJC reports on the injury status of UGA freshman Trey Thompkins, who will miss the Bulldogs' season opener tonight.

-- Interesting story on Rivals about how the econony affects college sports.

-- I'm about as big a critic of ESPN as you'll find, but there are a handful of very, very good writers over there, including my favorite sports writer in the country, Wright Thompson. He has an excellent piece this week that I cannot encourage you enough to read.

-- And finally, I give to you today's sign of the apocalypse.

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