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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wednesday Links (11/12)

-- Interesting tidbit from my story on Matthew Stafford's success against Auburn in today's Telegraph: Did you know that if Georgia wins this week, Stafford will become the first Georgia QB to beat Auburn in three straight years since Johnny Rauch from 1945-1948.

-- Apparently it was decided that it was high time someone put their foot down about Georgia Sports Blog's recent Auburn post, and that foot was THIS. But did the bloggers give up when the German's bombed Pearl Harbor? No! (Although, I must add here, I think fat, drunk and stupid is a perfectly acceptable way to go through life.)

-- Haven't quite gotten into the excitement for the UGA hoops tip off yet? May I recommend checking out 960 the Ref's interview with coach Pete Herrmann to get yourself acquainted with the new season. You can find tons of other interviews on 960's Web site, too.

-- Mr. Chip Towers has a story that puts into perspective just how good Georgia's skill position players are.

-- If you're still interested in reading about the struggling D, the Banner-Herald has a story on what the Dawgs are trying to do to turn things around.

-- Brett Jensen thinks he's too good to spend a Tuesday night at Taco Stand, but he does find time to chat with Willie Martinez about all the fan criticism at (Subscription required)

-- ESPN's Chris Low has a few words about Martinez as well.

-- The Red & Black has an update on Albert Jackson and the men's hoops team. I talked to Jackson and Terrence Woodbury today, and both said they will play Friday. Woodbury is a little further along with his ankle injury than Jackson, but both seem to be rounding into playing shape. Trey Thompkins will not play Friday though.

-- The Mobile Press Register says Auburn still has plenty of injury concerns.

-- Want to enjoy the A.J. Green touchdown drive against Kentucky again? Georgia Sports Blog has it for you . Oh, and here's Tavarres King's take on the play: "I didn't know where the ball was going. I saw a sea of blue, a little stick figure -- A.J. -- and he just went up and got it and made a good play on it."

Just to add, as TK was telling me this, Rennie Curran walked by and referred to him as "stick." So now I'm confused as to which freshman receiver is actually the stick figure.

-- So we're one day into the college basketball season and I'm already angry about Duke? Yeah, that sounds about right.

-- And in today's sign of the apocalypse, I leave you with THIS. Sometimes I wonder what sort of world we're leaving for our children. We make sacred pact. I promise teach not remake great movie, you promise not remake them. I say, you do, no questions.

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