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Monday, November 10, 2008

Crank That Soulja Boy

Think Florida was the only SEC team with an axe to grind against Georgia this season? Check out these quotes from Auburn wide receiver Rod Smith:

"Crank that Soulja Boy. That's been on my mind for the whole year. They even had whoever was calling the game -- those guys were up in press box doing that (dancing). That got to me. It's just another opportunity to try to get them back for what they did to us last year. I've definitely been looking forward to this game. This is the game that's been marked on my calendar since last year."

"I'm sure it didn't sit well with any of the players on the team. It was a hurtful feeling in my heart to be on the sideline and to see those guys dancing. It was hurtful. We have an opportunity to get those guys back."

"Maybe we can talk to Coach Tubs and maybe we can play some music. It'll definitely be a great game, a great atmosphere. Crank that Soulja Boy right back at them."

Thanks to Columbus's Auburn beat writer Andy Bitter for the quotes.


Travis Eckhart said...

i think its insane the amount of "poster board" material people are trying to grasp at when they are going up against UGA.

They were dancing, they celebrated in the endzone, their coach said something bad about my mom, they ran up the score, blah blah blah. If you are trying to fire your team up, do it based on their own actions. Don't try to come up with some garbage about the game last year and why you feel cheated.

Its not our job to make sure you get a blue ribbon and a helmet sticker for the week you play. If you don't like them scoring, stop them.

An underachieving 2-4(SEC West) Auburn team should look to themselves and within themselves for the questions they hold. Not the opposing teams actions from years prior.

Anonymous said...

well said, every team has problems with us it seems.

Ubiquitous GA Alum said...

Sorry we hurt your heart, Rod.

How does your pride feel since you're only averaging 2.7 catches & 28 yards / game?

However, you are the leading receiver so you've got that going for you. Maybe Daddy Tubbs will post your stats on his fridge to make you feel better.