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Friday, December 4, 2009

Update on Robinson Arrest

UPDATED: Here's the statement from UGA:

University of Georgia freshman defensive end Montez Robinson of Avon, Ind., has been suspended indefinitely from the Bulldog team following his arrest Thursday in Athens.

“I’m certainly disappointed in the situation with Montez (Robinson),” said UGA head coach Mark Richt. “We have expectations and standards for our student-athletes and his actions are not in line with those. We are suspending him indefinitely from all team activities.”


For the second time this week, Georgia freshman defensive end Montez Robinson was arrested by the university police Thursday and charged with one count of misdemeanor simple assault and one count of second-degree criminal damage, a felony.

Robinson was arrested early Monday morning on a charge of underage possession of alcohol after a parking attendant reported broken glass and found a Lexus with both rear taillights broken in a parking deck on campus.

After police determined the owner of the vehicle, Armita Meghan Didehvar, they found her speaking with Robinson, who police said exhibited signs of alcohol consumption.

Since Robinson was underage, police placed him under arrest, at which point, he “became very agitated while being placed into double locked handcuffs,” according to the police report filed by officer Freddie Evans of the university police. “He started to yell and scream while being placed in the rear of a caged unit.”

At the time, Robinson was charged only with underage possession of alcohol, but the follow-up investigation resulted in the battery charges, which necessitated Robinson’s arrest Thursday.

Robinson was also charged with simple assault and battery surrounding an altercation between he and Didehvar on Oct. 20 in which Robinson was reported to have thrown Didehvar to the ground, causing minor injuries, including cuts on her knee. The police report also states that a witness, Alesha Asijie, attempted to intervene in the incident and was threatened with physical harm by Robinson.

Didehvar told the Red and Black on Thursday that the accounts of the October incident were untrue, stating that she and Robinson, “just had an argument.”

Robinson was being held without bond as of Friday afternoon, according to the Athens Clarke County jail booking report.

The freshman defensive end has played sparingly this season, but earned SEC defensive lineman of the week honors following Georgia’s win over Tennessee Tech last month.

Robinson played in high school in both Alabama and Indiana and was originally an Auburn commitment, who changed his mind after former Tigers coach Tommy Tuberville resigned following the 2008 season.

Robinson spent much of his youth as a ward of the state of Alabama, and Georgia recruiting coordinator Rodney Garner had expressed hope that his career with the Bulldogs might help turn Robinson’s life around.

“I see him maturing, but I still see the mistrust he has in people,” Garner said of Robinson last month. “I guess that’s sort of understandable based on what he’s been through. It’s still hard to get him to trust people because he’s been let down so much in life, but we’re trying to get him to understand that there are people here who really care about him.”

Georgia and head coach Mark Richt have yet to release a statement regarding either of Robinson’s arrests.

ADDENDUM: I'm supposed to remain in an objective role here, and I in no way deem Robinson's actions to be acceptable, but I've spent a good bit of time talking to him in recent weeks as well as several other people close to him, and I feel like a little context should be provided.

What the arrest reports and statements from UGA and most stories won't mention is a particularly difficult upbringing for Robinson. It won't mention that he spent the majority of his youth in and out of foster care and group homes. It won't mention how he lived in nine different places between the ages of eight and 18. It won't mention how his father was murdered when he was too young to even remember it happening or how he spent countless hours caring for his younger brothers and sisters -- more than a dozen of them. It won't mention how he went from an awful school situation in Alabama to one of the best schools in Indiana and worked to get his grades up enough in a two-year span to qualify for admission to Georgia.

Again, I'm not trying to build a case for Robinson here and none of that background excuses his actions, but just keep in mind that there is always a lot more context to these stories than you're likely to hear in the news reports.


blackertai said...

It will, however, mention, that he hit a woman. That's enough for me. Richt's tossed people for less, and this is a serious crime for someone who's as physically intimidating as a major D1 defensive end. No tolerance for this type of behavior.

JF said...

Thank you for the perspective and context on this story. Before everyone overreacts it is important to consider the facts you bring out. You're right, its not an excuse, but he should prevent people from saying "Richt should just kick him off the team!"

Travis said...

blackertai - If he did indeed hit her, i'm all for his removal from the program. DE freak and phenom or not, we don't need that anywhere in life, let alone being given preferential treatment by tons of people because of his football future.

However, it appears the woman in the story is saying it was a simple argument, and no assault had taken place. Its hard to say with a 'he said she said' case.

I'm wondering if the 2 are romantically linked, and robinson gets a little aggressive when he drinks. Got jealous and busted out her tail lights on this more recent case. Its all speculation, and it seems everyone is saying something else.

David Hale said...


The story in the R&B says that she says he broke the taillights after she didn't answer repeated phone calls from him.

Also, the fact that it's a misdemeanor simple assault could mean that all that happened was that they argued and she fell... not that he hit her necessarily. Again, it's all very difficult to tell from a brief police report.

Again, I'm not trying to defend the kid, I just hope people will reserve some judgment until everything is out in the open.

JRL said...

Damn! I'm not one to take violence lightly but the addendum to your story sheds some much needed light of a very sad life.

I'd bet none of us have come close to experiencing life in a totally dysfunctional environment - that alone makes me think he needs the type of guidance CMR can provide.

Sad - very sad.

Anonymous said...

Just for background, GA defines simple assault as an "[attempt]to commit a violent injury to the person of another; or an act which places another in reasonable apprehension of immediately receiving a violent injury."

Battery occurs when one "causes substantial physical harm or visible bodily harm to another."

If either is true, Robinson's time is probably limited at UGA, mitigating circumstances aside.

Anonymous said...

This reminds me a bit of Odell a few years ago. he had a difficult family life and he was given several chances at UGA. When he got to the NFL he just spun out of control. I'm all for second chances but it sure sounds like this is someone who needs more mentoring than a football program can provide. does the NCAA allow for "life coaches' to be supplied to some of these kids or is that too much special treatment?

Travis said...

Something else that just came to me.

There were reports earlier in the year about this kid being 'homesick'. Doesn't seem like he has ever had much of a 'home', and if so it was never for very long. I guess what I'm wondering is...with a lack of a static 'home' life, (or at least what we all are used to considering a 'home' life, how can he miss it.

Greg said...


You would think that in Montez's case, his homesickness would be a result of him missing his dozen-plus siblings that he has had to help raise during his childhood. You'd think that would be enough attachment in and of itself to lead to feeling a void.

On top of that, I have read that he is now very close to is foster parents (they were in attendance at the Tenn Tech game when he won the SEC honor) as they clearly mean a lot to him. While he had 9 homes between the ages of 8-18, it seems like his current foster parents moved him out of a sh*tty situation in AL and put him in one of the top schools in IND.

Maybe these were the first trustworthy adult figures in his life and being separated from them is causing him problems.

Not defending his actions, if in fact they are true, as I think that laying a finger on a lady is terrible and unacceptable for someone afforded the privilege of a football scholarship at UGA.

On the other hand, lets not rush to conclusions because, as David said, the woman involved HAS NOT accused Montez of laying a finger on her.

Anonymous said...

I hate this, but this is one of those situations where I think more would be done positive for him by keeping him on the team and suspending him.
This guy has basically been tossed anytime something bad happens to him. Maybe for once we show him something different - that he is with a group of people who care about his best interests more than public perception?

JRL said...

Anon 3:43 - based on what I have read here I agree 100%

Kathleen said...

Thanks for including what you know about Montez. This really, hopefully, will be about him as a kid who is still in need of learning some pointed lessons and not about him being a football player. He is way too young to be written off, and I hope Richt keeps him around and makes his life hellish, but, for a change, routine and reliable.

Travis said...

David - I know you probably haven't had a chance to speak with CMR, and I know you haven't had access to players. But the indefinite suspension. Given Richt's past of tough punishment for off the field problems, does this seem a likely dismissal from the team, or assuming an investigation proves he wasn't totally at fault, does he have a chance at reinstatement. I know its all speculation, but i'm just curious what your thoughts are now.

P.S i'm glad you are keeping this story hot. It is damn cold up here in Iowa, and i finished all my work like 2 hours ago and still have almost 2 hours left in the office.


David Hale said...

Well if you remember the situation with Michael Lemon two years ago, that was another kid was an absolutely tragic family background who got in an altercation. He was suspended indefinitely but after UGA got the facts of the case, he was dismissed. Things don't look bright for Montez right now, but Richt will do his due diligence before sending him packing.

You just hate to see this stuff happen. Kids like Montez (and Lemon) get so few chances in life and it's tragic to see them waste one of them.

Anonymous said...

Thanks David, for reporting what few people knew. Tough situation for ALL parties involved.

Anonymous said...

well I am not a fan ot the thug metality of some of the kids we seem to get ( as well as the other schools) but after seeing the blind side, you kind of open your eyes to a little bit of where these come from. It is too bad that they don't have to live in the same dorm any more. You did not hear so much of this back in the day.....Give the kid some tough love and if he is home sick let him go...

Anonymous said...

Man the kid need someone to take him in.....I know group homes and foster homes are no way to be brought up....Monteez open your heart to others that want to help.....If you don't feel like anyone is ther for you, then reach out tot CMR....I will get in touch and open my home for ya....but it will be with rules and expectations...hang in ther kid and I don't mean footabll....

Anonymous said...

David the key to your statement is these kids got a chance and they did waste it. I don't care what you're upbringing is...wrong is wrong! This is what's wrong with our society today...take responsibility for your own actions. Kid had a chance that many don't get and blew it. Richt cleaned house with the coaches and he needs to start with some of these undisciplined players!

Kathleen said...

No one is suggesting he shouldn't be disciplined, but it is a fact that kids are less capable of truly being able to assess risk and reward, or think long term. This is why we have a juvenile system and why there's no such thing as "consensual" with kids. That's a fact of brain development.

He should be disciplined, but one would hope that he wouldn't just be cast out with no recourse. If he's already having trouble dealing with the situation, I can't imagine how he could constructively deal with losing his future at college.

It's easy to say "no matter how you're raised" but it's senseless to not look at individuals and individual cases. Discipline, ultimately, is not just about being punitive but also about rehabilitation. How great would it be if this kid turned it around and never did this again? Shouldn't that be the goal?

Anonymous said...

Like I said, this is what's wrong with our Kathleen's remarks. Let's figure out why society failed this poor young man and how that caused him to slap this woman. He's the true victim not the girl...what a joke!!! Stop with this garbage. This is a grown man. I like this saying, "The biggest troublemaker you'll probably ever have to deal with, watches you from the mirror every mornin'." Accept responsibility for your own actions don't make excuses. He failed himself, end of story.

Kathleen said...

Ummm.. Anonymous, that's not what I said. I didn't blame society or say that he shouldn't be punished. There is nothing in what I wrote that indicated he should not face consequences of his behavior.

Ever heard the old expression "don't throw the baby out with the bath water?" It's an old expression because it's true... in this case, it would be wise to throw out the bad behavior but keep the kid. If you can't imagine how that happens, then it's good you're here posting anonymously and not out there making any real decisions about a kid's future.

JRL said...

Anon 11:07 I don’t think anyone is claiming MR is the victim. My contention is that he is the product of a dysfunctional family unit through no fault of his. Like you I abhor “thuggish” behavior and think it should be dealt with swiftly and sternly. That is not to say that type behavior should result in abandonment.

I seriously doubt anyone visiting this blog has experienced anything close to what this young man has endured. A lifetime of suffering cannot be corrected in one fell swoop and saying otherwise is disingenuous at best.

I hope everyone involved can come together and help this misguided young man. To do differently is to fail miserably.

For the record I am not a bleeding heart liberal – I am a compassionate conservative.

I hope this kid gets turned around - if he plays football that is icing on the cake.

David Hale said...

Just a quick clarification -- nowhere in the police report does it say he slapped or hit the girl. The best I can infer from it is he pushed or shoved her and she fell, skinning her knee. Not saying that's acceptable, but from what I can see, there is no evidence he actually hit her.

And again, there's no excuse for Montez's actions. But anger management and coping skills are things you learn growing up, usually from your parents. Knowing Montez's background, it's not hard to see how he missed out on a lot of those lessons.

There are plenty of people far worse than Montez who got second chances. There are plenty of people better than Montez who never got a first chance. Neither of those things really matters. What matters is getting the kid back on the right path and making as much amends as possible for the situation he created.

Anonymous said...

he got a 2nd chance when she didn't press charges the 1st time. So then she doesn't answer the phone and texts and he busts the tail lights on her car....