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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tuesday Links (12/1)

Still no news coming out of UGA on the future of Georgia's coaching staff. But we shouldn't have expected info today... after all, it's a holiday.

What's that? You weren't aware that Dec. 1 was a holiday? Well then you're missing out.

This is actually among my favorite days of the year because it is when I can officially start celebrating the holidays.

I'm an avid critic of all the Christmas hype that starts in August, so about 10 years ago I created a personal rule that I could only watch my favorite holiday movie during the month of December. So now, each year, I wait patiently for Dec. 1, then take the majority of the day off from anything stressful, order some takeout from an unhealthy restaurant and settle in on my couch for my first (of many) viewing of the year of "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation."

There really is no better way to spend the day.

But before I get to that, I figured I ought to make sure those poor saps stuck at work without access to their DVD players have something to occupy their time, so here are a handful of links to get you through the remainder of your day.

-- If you're in to reading tea leaves about the whole Willie Martinez situation, Mark Richt dangled a few more potential clues -- or red herrings, or simple meaningless statements -- on his radio show last night. But what he still hasn't said is, "Yes, I'm making changes," or "No, everyone's staying."

-- Damon Evans' take on things hasn't changed much... he'll do "what's appropriate." Good to know.

-- Georgia Sports Blog chronicles the ill-fated PowerAde bath.

-- Hey Jenny Slater relishes rubbing Tech's nose in it after so much pregame chest-thumping.

-- The Senator continues to bask in the afterglow of Georgia's weekend win just a little longer.

-- There has been plenty of "if only" talk about this year's Bulldogs, but Rex Robinson does a nice job of putting it all into perspective when he notes that it's not Georgia that had the ultimate "if only."

-- Dawg Stephen pays tribute to Georgia's resident lunatic, Ben Jones. (And yes, I mean "lunatic" as a compliment.)

-- If you haven't seen the Matthew Stafford mic'd up highlights from the Lions-Browns game yet, do yourself a favor and watch it right now. (h/t Patrick)

-- Brandon Marshall and Knowshon Moreno appear to have mended fences, but of course, I left Knowshon on my bench this week in my fantasy football game, which I lost by 6 points.

-- Florida defensive lineman Carlos Dunlap was arrested on drunk driving charges, which makes for a dicey situation for Corch Meyers.

-- LSU is investigating potential NCAA violations.

-- It looks like Ole Miss is indeed heading to the Cotton Bowl, which is one more piece to the puzzle to get Georgia to Atlanta for its bowl game.

-- Doug Marrone isn't being quite as cautious in his decision making as Richt. He canned three assistants at Syracuse yesterday.

-- Yahoo! looks at the top 10 draft busts of the 2000s in the NFL.

-- Whether you agree with his politics or not, I think you'll find plenty to argue with on Keith Olbermann's take on this year's baseball Hall of Fame ballot. (Harold Baines, yes? Barry Larkin, no? Worst. Person. In the World.)

-- One of the writers of "Pulp Fiction" is apparently Tweeting from prison. You know, I distinctly remember getting into a discussion with a fellow journalism instructor a few years ago in which I said that, strictly speaking, things like Facebook posts and MySpace messages were news. He said that was dumb. And now not a day goes by in which the media isn't quoting Sarah Palin's Facebook page or some athlete's Twitter account. I was really ahead of my time. Like Devo.

-- When technology goes very, very wrong. (h/t B-Perk)

-- The New Yorker goes undercover with a Michelin Guide inspector. Interesting stuff.

-- I enjoyed this column from Ames Progressive about how a UGA grad thinks his Iowa hometown can learn a few things from Athens about how to develop an original music scene.

-- TV Tango has a list of the best songs by fake TV bands. Some good selections but there's no way you can leave "Friends Forever" by the Zack Attack off your list.

-- Hooray! "Scrubs" is back.

-- How come viewers in Spain get a better promo for the final season of "Lost" than we do?

And finally... sled safely.


Anonymous said...

Based on Richt's comments that I read in the AJC this morning, it doesn't look like he's making any changes. If he doesn't get rid of Willie, and the same garbage occurs next year, he'll be forever stamped as a world class moron.

brad said...

Anybody see Ben Jones punch Stafford in the chest when he ran back onto the field after the early halftime departure? That was funny.

John P said...

"...and I want to look him straight in the eye and tell him what a cheap, lying, no good, fore-fleshing, snake eating, dog licking, pig kissing, dirt eating, embred, over stuffed, dickless, hopeless, heartless, fat @ssed sack of monkey sh!t he is. HALLELUJAH. Holy sh!t. Where's the tylenol?!

I tried Dave, I tried.

Anonymous said...

Sh!tters Full!!

Travis said...

that Stafford Mic'd up piece was great. thanks for the share

Ginny said...

Will Carlos Dunlap be serving a half game suspension for his DUI?

David- I left Knowshon on the bench this week too. And lost.

Anonymous said...


A few interesting things cropping up this evening. First, can you confirm that Georgia has accepted a bid to the Independence Bowl in Shreveport?

Also, heard they re-offered the kid in Columbus, Devin Burns, because the staff has decided to move Logan Gray to wide receiver next year.

Any truth to that?

Andy said...


I have been enjoying your blog all year, despite the less than enjoyable parts of our season.

I was also wondering about the Independence Bowl and Logan Gray rumors. Seriously...Independence? I don't mean to sound ungrateful for the bowl bid, but I can't help but feel like this is a slap in the face. This means after Chic-Fil-A we got passed up by Music City and Liberty for Arkansas or South Carolina or Kentucky (and we own the head to head against 2 out of 3).

And why in the world is Auburn going to the Outback? This is just bizarre. They lost to 3 7-5 teams (Kentucky, Arkansas, and UGA), and only barely beat Ole Miss and Tennessee.

I know it is hard to sort out these 7-5 teams, but can you help sort out these bizarre selections?

Also, my family watches Christmas Vacation every Thanksgiving. Great movie!

Kathleen said...

It seems there are valid reports out there saying Auburn is going to the Outback Bowl.


David Hale said...

It sounds like the Logan Gray to WR rumors have some legs... Scout has the story ($$$)...

UGA69Dawg said...

Logan to WR. Bright side: we will still have the best Fair Catcher in the business and he can still go down on KO's to miss tackles.

Matthew W said...

"Did We Ever Have A Chance?" was another Zack Attack classic but cannot be topped by "Friends Forever". If Zack could have just kept Mindy out of his life, I think the band could have stayed together. Would Kelly Kapowski have starred on Santa Barbara or Lisa Turtle on American Gladiators? Who knows? I do know if Brian Fate had not been running by the garage that day, Casey Kasem would have never made a cameo on one of the greatest episodes of any TV show ever.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:41---seems like you have a lock on the title of head moron. What is with people like you (not fans, just mouth breathers) that continually tear down the program with your shallow comments? Are you really that stupid to think you have ANY clue,or perspective on this? Let CMR run the program, he does a great job at it, and gets well compensated to do just that. He should get paid that to have to play nice with you negatrons determined to publicly harm UGA. What bowl wants a fanbase like UGA? None, just whomever has to take them.

Anonymous said...

If Devo was ahead of its time, when would its normal time have been?