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Friday, December 18, 2009

Practice Notes: Richt Mum on Koenning Rumors

A few quick hitters from UGA's practice today...

-- Justin Anderson called it the coldest practice he's ever experienced. I was cold watching from inside the Butts-Mehre building.

-- Richt praised the work the GAs have done so far. "Day 1, we began to install some things -- one segment of what we wanted to install. It wasn't super complicated, but it was a way to gain confidence and everybody locked in beautifully. Yesterday, we added a little bit more, plus reviewing what we had, and it was a little bit sluggish, as a normal Tuesday would be when you're throwing in a lot of the game plan. But they didn't lose heart or anything like that. Then today, we had a little drill where we were getting formations out there in a hurry and seeing how guys would react and make the right calls, and I think they did a nice job. I would think today certainly gave them more confidence."

-- On the forgotten man in Georgia's backfield: "I like, today Carlton Thomas really had a fine practice," Richt said. "He's a tough kid and a good runner. He's improving, too. I think there's still a place for him to be real productive in the future, too."

-- Richard Samuel is scheduled to return to full practices as early as tomorrow after suffering a concussion prior to the Georgia Tech game. Richt said he expects him to be fine for the bowl game and Samuel will play on several special teams units.

-- Richt remained pretty mum on the whole Vic Koenning debacle and the coaching search. Here's what he had to say:

On waiting to hire a coach: "There's just a lot of guys that are working right now. I think that it's very difficult to do both. I think most everybody feels a sense of obligation to coach through the season because they care about their players and the people they work with. It's just a really crummy time of the year to be trying to do what we're doing here, but that's just part of it right now."

On the Koenning rumors: "I think everything is just -- this whole search stuff, I'll just say I've got nothing to shed on it."

On the number of applications he's gotten: "We've got a stack of stuff. There's an awful lot of people, and it's more than just the D coordinator's job, too. There's other position coaches. But we've got to get the D coordinator thing squared away before we get to any of those. But I've looked at everything that's come in."

And he added he would let whatever Koenning has to say at his scheduled press conference (2 p.m. Eastern) stand for itself.


Anonymous said...

At this point, I'm beginning to wonder if Richt truly is aware that we non-arena types have access to any information at all about his program. Does he really think we don't know that he contacted Bud Foster and Kirby Smart, or that he offered the job to Vic Koenning? Does he believe that he's serving some noble purpose by acting as if we're all idiots who don't deserve a clue as to what's going on with the football program we love (and donate millions to every year)?

Richt's approach to information-sharing has gone from eye-rollingly annoying to frustratingly stubborn this season. What's the point in his "you-don't-deserve-to-know" policy, especially with regard to information THAT IS ALREADY PUBLIC? What does he, or anyone else, gain from this?

ChicagoDawg said...

Anonymous -- You are making some pretty big assumptions that speculation and rumor = facts. Whatever the case, whether these things rumors are facts or myth, what exactly do you want from him? Do you expect him to post on the UGA website, the top-5 candidate lists, interview schedules, who turned down the job, expected financial packages, etc.,?

The fact is, you are NOT in the arena. You are fan and perhaps an alumni and contributor, but that doesn't mean you get to be a part the discussions.

Anonymous said...

You cannot operate a hire in public. No one does that, not at my job or at any other school. It would be foolish to discuss who you talked to or offered the job in a press conference. Anyone with any business experience knows this. And this "scheme" discussion is also pretty funny. 3-4, 4-3? Zone Blitzes, cover 2, man, Tampa 2- none of this is being discussed only a "GATA" more aggressive scheme. Really?, Really?, that is about all I can say from some of the comments yesterday. Most of us know something about football, but to hear most people talk, it is clear some know more then others.

JRL said...

Anon 12:44 I think you are making a few assumptions based on internet clutter 99% of which has no basis. From what I have heard all of it is based on “I heard” or “So and so said” or “blah blah blah”.

CMR was hired to run the program. As such the public (students, supporters, bloggers whatever) need to chill out shut up and let him run the show. If after making what he deems the best choice then people can complain or offer congratulation. It is not the right of any of use to demand inclusion in the loop – in fact it is preposterous.

CMR is the one that will ultimately reap the rewards of a good hire or suffer the consequences of a bad one.

Doug said...

I see some proof that Richt talked to Bud Foster, but the Koenning thing hasn't been substantiated. Perhaps Koenning put the word out that he was getting some attention from Georgia to get his deal with Illinois done.

Ant123 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ant123 said...

Why is it all the really stupid comments are posted under anonymous (like anonymous 12:44)?

The 3rd Richt said...

Not real sure why everyone thinks we are entitled to this information. I think David mentioned something about how bad the media has gotten with journalist twittering every rumor etc. and how that's the world we live in.
The "Entitlement Generation" are the kids in high school right now but now I can see they must be off for the holiday break and posting on blogs. Either that or some of the adults of this generation are posting and now I can see why our youth feel so entitled.
Anonymous12:44- If you donate millions every year to the program I'm sure you could get info. a lot quicker than checking David's blog. No offense to you David cause this is the best damn beat blog we have!

The Real Texas Dawg said...

I think if you read into Richt's comments it is easy to see:

1) a hire is not going to occur until after the new year/bowl season
2) this would indicate that the future DC is currently employed by a current bowl eligible team (will not come from the NFL...sorry guys)

I think Richt has been as forthcoming as he could...and has actually provided more detail as to who the next DC candidates could be by his comments.

Regardless of hope, wishing, praying, specualtion, etc...the finalist for the DC position are the following: 1) Smart, 2) Bumpas and 3) Diaz (no particular order).

I am sure some "heavy" conversation has occurred with the candidates, but no official offers have been provided/submitted.... otherwise a DC would have been hired at this time based on Evans comittment of getting ($$$$) the best guy.

There will be a lot of downtime for coaches next week as Christmas hits...and the possibility looms that a deal could be consummated during that time (but not leaked).

Sit tight, only 2-1/2 weeks unitl the cat is out of the bag!

dawgjammin said...

I'd like the guy from UNC instead of Bumpas. Bumpas doesn't call the defensive plays during the course of the game. He's basically an position coach with the title of coordinator. Patterson does all the work.

Anonymous said...

Koenning was never offered by UGA. Just false rumors spread from his agent to Joe Schad and others to try to get a raise in the salary being offered by Illinois. DC wont be announced til January though. Read the story on It will tell you all you need to know about the situation. Rumor is though that Richt has his guy which means there is a silent agreement but no formal offer to the DC in question.