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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits: Wednesday Edition

Instead of Mark Richt's usual Tuesday media session, we're doing it Wednesday. Here are the highlights:

-- Richt obviously wasn't thrilled about discussing the coaching hire at length, but that's the majority of the questions he got. He didn't reveal a ton of new info, but there were some highlights.

-- As for a timetable, he's not making any guarantees, but here's what he said: "I'd hate to think it goes much past the first week in January because you're back on the road recruiting. ... You'd like to hit the ground running at that point with your staff, but even then I'm not going to say 100 percent because we're not sure what will happen. But I wouldn't imagine it will go much past that."

-- On whether a hire could come before the bowl game: "I just don't know. I think I'll know when the time is right, and it's just so hard to predict."

-- Again, Richt was quick to keep from saying Rodney Garner would have too much control of the defense during the bowl. When asked about who would handle the defensive playcalling against A&M, Richt said his blanket statement on the subject would be that it will be a group effort.

-- Barring any setbacks, A.J. Green will definitely play in the bowl game. He practiced last weekend and will be practicing in a green non-contact jersey the rest of the way.

-- Montez Robinson will not make the trip to Shreveport.

-- Richt said he has been more involved in the defense, but it hasn't been much hands-on stuff in terms of playcalling or scheme. Rennie Curran said Richt's main job has been providing oversight and motivation.

-- GAs Todd Hartley and Mitch Doolittle will oversea kickoffs in the bowl game, while John Lilly will take over duties on punt return and block -- jobs that formerly belonged to Jon Fabris.

-- I asked Richt about Logan Gray's potential for a position change, and while he didn't officially commit to it, it sounds like it's definitely happening, and not because the coaches wanted it to: "Have we talked to Logan? Yes. And Logan wants to play. Logan is the one who's going to decide what he wants to do this spring. If he wants to stay strictly at QB and compete in that area, I'm all for it. If he wants to try another position and see if he can get more playing time in that role, I'm fine with that. I know that Logan is not going to forget what to do at quarterback, so even if he does something this spring at another position doesn't mean he won't be back at QB in the fall. We love Logan, we think he's a heck of a player, and we want him to feel like he's getting his best opportunity to make a contribution to his team. At this point, nothing's changing. He's not going to slip out there and play another position during the bowl practice."

-- I followed up by questioning his comfort level about potentially opening the 2010 season without a QB on the roster that has ever run a single play in a game: "I guess the bottom line is, I don't want to get into hypothetical things, but I will say that we think (Murray and Mettenberger) are outstanding quarterbacks."

-- Richt said the coaching staff has not discussed moving Richard Samuel to linebacker at this point.

-- Richt reiterated that he wants to hire the DC first and that person will have a say in who is hired at the other assistant positions, but made clear that the final decision will be Richt's.

-- "I would consider it. It has to start with the D coordinator and just see what that gentleman feels he needs to succeed and then move from there. We'll definitely have our special teams covered but will there be a special teams coordinator? I wouldn't predict that right now. But to say I haven't thought that as a possibility, I've thought about that."

-- As to what type of coordinator he's looking for in terms of scheme, Richt went the cat-skinning route (which has always seemed like a rather traumatic analogy to me): "I guess I'd have to say I'm open to championship-level defense. I'm not going to say I will not consider this scheme or that scheme or I have to have this scheme. I won't do that. There's different ways of skinning it, and if you're really good at skinning it the way you do it, that's OK with me."


Anonymous said...

David, Your "gut" feeling. Do you think Richt has ALREADY hired a DC? Simply waiting until after he coaches a bowl game? Gregg in Albany

David Hale said...

Nope... I think Richt is smart enough to know these things leak before too long. There's no way that secret is kept for two or three or four weeks. I think when something's decided, it'll be announced relatively quickly (24-48 hours).

Brandon said...

CMR's comments sure make it sound like he's holding out for Smart. If its Smart, how many seasons do we get from him before he becomes a head coach? 3 to 5? If so, it will be interested who else he brings in as Def assistants. Maybe someone with potential to grow into DC role by the time Smart would be ready to move on.

Anonymous said...

David, Do you know what is going to happen with Montez?

I know what he's accused of and certainly agree he deserves to be punished & completely support that he doesn't go bowling, to say the least.

Given what he's dealt with however, i really hope he doesn't leave the program or get kicked off the team. I'd love for him to stay and turn his situation around.

Thank you in advance for sharing any info you have.

Anonymous said...

Have you asked Richt if he has taken up juggling or riddling as a hobby? Maybe a nickname such as "The Riddler" may catch on the way he juggles/riddles your questions in almost a Dr. Seuss fashion...

Chuck said...

Skinning a cat meaphor = let's not lose to Kentucky anymore.

Anonymous said...

I don't have any inside info, but I bet it is someone that is playing in one of the early bowls, that way he coaches his team, comes to UGA and no one team is hurt to bad. And he will still be in place before the 1st week in Jan. If not that, then his team is not in a bowl at all and the details are being worked out for an announcement soon. I don't really think we are getting Smart.

Anonymous said...

I may be alone in this, but I really like the way CMR is handling the DC replacement questions. It is no one's business to know in advance, and I trust he has a plan. It is very likely the bowl season involves the new coordinator, and everyone digging to be "in the know" is out of line. I know it would be comforting to have this announced and behind us but that just doesn't seem to be in the cards. Just relax with the comments and speculation, it will all be over soon.

Kudos to Richt's tap dancing skills, now let's let him focus on coaching us to a win on Dec. 28. Americans who act as if they have a right to know personal information (or personnel information) contribute to this tabloid, paparazzi insanity. Chill folks!

Stuart said...

If DC hire is older gentleman:Let him hire his guys,
If DC hire is young up and comer:Hire at least one guy loyal and competent enough to replace him after he takes a HC position.

What does our DT rotation look like for next year? I'm kind of worried.

Are CMR/CMB more concerned with getting Joe reps for the bowl game or seeing what they have in Zach and Aaron?

Anonymous said...

I don't like that both Richt and at least one commenter (an ANONYMOUS one at that) both referred to the unknown new DC as a "gentleman." Way to keep your options open, haters! 51% of the population are "ladies," and I suspect Suzanne Yoculan could coordinate one hell of a defense. My dream list for DC:
1) Kirby Smart
2) Michelle Tafoya
3) Pat Dye
4) Pat Summitt

Anonymous said...

Great article....also "oversea".

David Hale said...

Re: Montez -- I think CMR will wait to see how some of the legal stuff unfolds. If the charges end up being dropped or greatly reduced, he may stay. If not, I'd be he is given the option to spend a year at GMC with a chance to return. That was essentially the situation with Michael Lemon (a very similar situation in terms of troubled background) but Lemon got arrested again after being dismissed.

Stuart -- I actually spoke with Jeff Owens about it today. He said Brandon Wood will be moving back to DT next year and spoke very highly of Abry Jones and Kwame Geathers.

As for Aaron and Zach -- they've already gotten way more work with the 1s and 2s than third-string guys normally would. But they can't be given bowl playing time without losing their redshirts.

And Anon 4:26 -- It's funny, I joked that Richt referred to his potential hire as a "he" and said, well at least we've eliminated half the world's population. Then another reporter said Richt probably would have backtracked on that if I'd pinned him down about it.

Ginny said...

Anon. 4:26- As a "lady" myself, I thought your comment was ridiculous. And then I Googled Michelle Tafoya and realized that you were probably kidding. At least I really hope you were. I, for one, would die a little inside if Mark Richt hired a female as our defensive coordinator.

Anonymous said...

David - since everyone else is covered Coach Richt's other comments, I thought I'd help you out on the "cat skinning" thing. The saying is an old southern term which refers to differnt methods to clean a catfish, not "cats" of the 4 legged variety.

Kathleen said...

Here's some possible bowl news from east Texas... weather folks here are saying we might be in for a hard freeze for a couple of days Dec 28 - 30th that will cover east Texas/Louisiana.
Hard freeze.
Bowl game.


Kathleen said...

Here's a link! People seem to be all about the link:

Notice 22 degrees on game day.

Anonymous said...

I am bummed.

I expected our new DC to be anything but gentle.

Boomshakalaka said...

Is it coincidence that the NFL regular season ends the first week of January?

Anonymous said...

"we can skin a cat, we can run a trot line, and a country boy can survive"

Michael A said...

. . . a country boy can survive!"

Anonymous said...

Pat Dye is scum. Vince was an Auburn grad and acted with class. Par was a GA grad and allowed his auburn players to destroy the hedges and then turned the water cannons on the GA fans to make sure we could not return the favor. May he be cursed forever and his name stricken from the roles of GA. He deserves neither our praise or mention except as to remind us why he is a traitor.