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Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday Feedbag: Robinson, Garner & Links

A couple of issues that will no doubt be the talk of the day...

Montez Robinson has been arrested again -- this time in connection with a fight that occured in October. He's being held without bond in Athens Clarke County jail.

At this point, I'm working on getting comment from the school, and I'll keep you posted as news develops.

Also, I've been asked about this a bunch... While I have not yet been able to speak to Rodney Garner directly, everything I've been told has been that he's not leaving at the moment. I know most people want to speculate that because he coached this past year without a contract and because he is not likely to be named the DC that he'll bolt, but Garner has been at Georgia for a long time, and there's a reason for that. If a better opportunity comes along, I'm sure it will be considered, but I think it is wrong to assume he'll leave just for the sake of leaving.

Anyway, as I've said before, approach rumors with caution, and I'll do my best to keep you posted on the stuff that gets beyond the "rumor" stage.

Also, my email is still down, so I have not been able to reply to anyone who has sent questions in the past 48 hours or so. Hopefully I can get it fixed today, but I'm not exactly holding my breath.

Now, a few links...

-- I have a story in today's Telegraph catching up with some former Bulldogs for their thoughts on the coaching changes in Athens.

-- Bulldawg Illustrated writes that, while Mark Richt did the right thing on the defensive side of the ball, he needs to make sure his philosophy on offense is correct, too.

-- Get the Picture offers a bit of reflection on the week's events.

-- Bulldog in Exile offers a fitting farewell to the departed coaches.

-- Behind the Columns looks at what might have been in a turbulent Georgia season.

-- I don't know if this will work out or not, but if the right hire is made for DC, Lucid Idiocy has a great nickname for the defense.

-- The Red & Black looks at the offseason work done by Travis Leslie to spark a strong start to this year.

-- Nick Offerman chats with GQ about his fantastic mustache.

-- "Flash Forward" is taking an extended break, and "V" is due back after "Lost" in the spring.

-- And finally, The Hollywood Reporter has a list of the 10 most watched television episodes of the past decade, and it's a surprising list. I've actually only seen two -- and I'm not proud of either one.


Anonymous said...

Which ones are you not proud?

Sam said...

David, have you heard anything about GA maybe moving to a 3-4/3-3-5 type of defense, a la Alabama and FL? With all of the spread offenses in college football, matching speed with speed seems to be more effective, at least for FL and AL.
This all depends on the new DC, but do you know if any of the potential candidates out there run that sort of scheme?
With Owens and Weston leaving, we really don't have a traditional Mount Cody nose guard in our rotation (maybe Tyson or Geathers).

watcher16 said...

So I hear from my sources that Jancek's office is completely cleaned out and Martinez's and Fabris' office are locked up so not sure about them. I'm guessing this means at least Jancek is not coaching in the bowl game.

If all 3 of these guys decide not to coach the bowl game or practices leading up to it, and we have no hires before then...can we field an adequate defense?

ChicagoDawg said...

That is some really bad television. A serious laundry list of suck. Wow, I am not trying to be a TV snob, but I think I would hang myself if I had to watch all 10 or even the top 5 episodes. YIKES.

Anonymous said...

Dave: If your IT guy was getting a Christmas gift from you this year, what would he be getting?

Kathleen said...

I only saw *one* of those shows. I feel culturally superior now!

Anonymous said...

Not that this even matters, but does anyone know the relationship with Kirby Smart and Bobo? I know they played together during the same era - maybe they want to coach together too.

David Hale said...

Sadly, the two I watched were Joe Millionaire (I was curious!) and Grey's Anatomy (it had Kyle Chandler in it and the commercials kept talking about the "code black!"). Ugh. I will go crawl under a rock now.

As for the defensive coaching stuff... I've heard some rumors but nothing concrete, and I don't want to spread too much speculation. Trust me, I'll tell you as soon as I know something definitive.

Anonymous said...

Does the blogging demand journalistic ethics? If not, speculate away?