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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Let's Chat

The season is nearly upon us. You've got questions. I (potentially) have answers. And even if I don't, I'll make something up that sounds good.

So... let's chat.

We'll be holding a live online chat tomorrow (Wednesday) at noon. You can click over and submit questions right now though by going HERE.

I get lonely if I don't have any questions to answer, so pretty please... submit some good ones.

And don't forget to come back at noon Wednesday to kill 30 minutes of your day talking Dawgs football.


Anonymous said...

Entering the season there are a lot of questions about this team. What worries me about our defense is our DE's of coarse, but I'm also not sure about our DB's. Who's expected to start at all the DB positions?

AC in Boulder said...

Has there been any speculation or even practice devoted to using Gray in the ubiquitous "wildcat" offense?

HamDawg11 said...

There's probably something wrong with me to be looking toward 2010 already, but the depth chart looks promising for UGA next year. If we can keep Curran, Sturdy, Boling, and other underclassmen from declaring early, I like our chances next year with Logan running the show. Who knows how far along Murray and Mett will be by then as well.

Sorry for the above thought, just couldn't help but mention, on to some serious 2009 butt kickin'!

Anonymous said...

I think with Owens and Atkins healthy on the inside our ends will be fine. I am curious about our db's. Reshad is solid (most of the time), but what about our corners and moving Bryan Evans to safety?

Anonymous said...

With the Dawg staff worried about the depth at WR, why didn't they offer Michael Bowman last year. He was the 14th best WR according to Rivals and dreamed of going to UGA and practically begged them to offer him. Instead he went to Alabama with no offer from UGA. I know Richt wanted only 2 WR's and got them, but with an in-state guy, 6-4/210/4.50, why not add more depth. His grades weren't the best, but he did qualify. If you don't have room for a recruit, I understand, but all I have heard is how small in number we are at scholarship WR's. Was there another reason the Dawgs didn't offer him?