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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesday Links (9/22)

Bad news: No good news, bad news post today. I got a little tied up in the midst of writing approximately 962,438 words yesterday, so I had to nix something for today.

Good news: You get some links to keep you entertained.

But first, let's crack open the mailbag for a few points made by the readers yesterday…

Anonymous writes: Yeah the stats about being last in every defensive category don't really do anything for me. If we had played Charleston Southern, Troy, Florida Atlantic, North Texas, Southeastern Louisiana, etc, the stats would look MUCH different. I've mentioned this before on a different one of your blogs but I think it's worth mentioning again: these 3 teams that we've played are teams who have based the success of their entire season on whether or not they beat us. We've played 3 teams who have probably played some of the best football they'll play all year against us. I think it says a lot of that we came out 2-1.

It's a good point. For all the complaining and concern about the defense, it's worth remembering that Georgia did, after all, win the game, and the Dawgs are now 2-0 in the SEC. No one else in the East can say that.

Of course, it's easy to wonder how long that will be the case for if the D keeps playing this poorly.

William writes: I think Joe Cox's ambition to be a coach is already obvious. He's an unbelievable leader who is seemingly immune to criticism and who is able to rally his troops effortlessly. These are all the attributes of a great coach. PLUS, he's an amazingly accurate QB, which tells me that Georgia would do well to try and keep him around as a Graduate Assistant next year. Cox could grow into a great QB coach as well as a good OC after Bobo leaves us.

Cox deserves a ton of credit for how he's kept Georgia in these last two games. Watching on TV, it no doubt seems like a lot of fun to be playing in consecutive shootouts, but you have to remember, it's a lot of pressure, too. To watch Cox direct all those young players around and move the team down the field over and over really underscores all those things people said about him and his leadership this offseason. He'd definitely be a great addition to the coaching staff for next year.

Michael A writes: In addition to his good play so for this season, Cornelius Washington is kind of a bada-- name for a defensive lineman. Makes me think NFL films circa 1978.

Couldn't agree more. Although, Fletcher Page of the Red & Black refers to him as Cornwallis Washington, which I like even better. Tell me you want to block a guy named Cornwallis Washington?

rbubp writes: I would imagine that Coach Fab liked the challenge of getting the FG team on the field in time to make the snap. It's much better to do risky, hard-to-do things than the easy way, particularly when the easy way is smart and obvious. Clearly, the kids need to be taught some character. Life is Hard: Do it the Fab Way. Coming to a bookstore near you in 2010, under the heading "self-help/philosophy," next to Descartes, Gandhi, and L. Ron Hubbard.

Somewhere, Tom Cruise is very intrigued.

Hitchjack writes: David- There are two people on twitter whose updates are sent directly to my phone: my fiance and your blog.

That's all well and good, but what I want to know is: If Georgia news breaks on your wedding day, where will your priorities be? I think you might want to turn off your fiance's mobile alerts just to be safe.

Seriously, some great comments and insight from you guys this week. I read all of them, but I'm still working my way through some emails from as far back as three weeks ago, so if I haven't responded to you yet, it's not because I don't like you. I'm just playing a little catch-up.

In the meantime, some links for you...

-- I have a story in today's Telegraph about where Georgia begins to put the pieces back together on defense.

-- Senator Blutarsky asks where the love is for Joe Cox. He points to all the media outlets overlooking Cox, but that shouldn't surprise anyone. I wonder why more fans haven't been talking about Joe, but I guess defensive concerns always trump offensive highlights in SEC country.

-- Well, even if no one else is, Dan Magill is offering up some praise for the Ginger Assasin.

-- And A Bulldog in Exile says Cox should have no problem rounding up some digits from the ladies this week.

-- And Cox's numbers from the Arkansas game actually got better this week, as one of his incompletions was negated because it was actually a spike.

-- T Kyle King has a great post up remembering a special anniversary for Georgia fans.

-- Rex Robinson says Georgia is hardly playing like an SEC team right now.

-- Tim Tucker looks back at a few key aspects of last week's game, including some praise for Drew Butler.

-- Did anyone notice all the time Rantavious Wooten saw on the field against Arkansas? Bulldawg Blawg didn't miss any of it and has the highlights on his site.

-- I'm sure you've heard already, but Herschel Walker has signed a deal with Strikeforce to fight in mixed martial arts. Anyone betting against him being awesome at it?

-- Hey Jenny Slater has his top 25 poll posted and he's not buying into Georgia just yet, given the turnovers and defensive problems.

-- Don't forget the Arizona Republic's Jeff Metcalfe is holding an live chat talking about ASU today at 2:30 Eastern.

-- Some interesting notes from Metcalfe in his latest story, including this gem from Dennis Erickson: "We've got to play the run good, but we can't give up the big pass," Erickson said. "They're going to get theirs, they're that good. But you've got to keep things in front of you, tackle well."

Boy, Georgia's offense got some respect in a hurry, eh?

-- Boy, Ray Ratto must be a big fan of Auburn, ranking them 7th in his top 25. (By the way, the guy to rank Auburn 11th used to be the Phillies beat writer for the newspaper in Delaware when I was growing up... he's just... umm... not good.) (h/t Andy Bitter)

-- And in case you were wondering, the highest Georgia was ranked was No. 12.

-- In the wake of all the Willie Martinez commentary, it's good to remember that there are other coaches out there who aren't particularly popular this week either.

-- I have a post coming later with some big questions around the SEC, but And the Valley Shook asks one of them here: What gives with LSU?

-- reports that Mohamed Massaquoi is off to a slow start but needs to become a bigger part of the offense moving forward.

-- Deadspin has a great clip up of ESPN's Thursday night announcing crew getting a good laugh at some distraught Clemson fans after the loss to Georgia Tech. Classic stuff.

-- If you have some frequent flyer miles saved up, you may want to head to St. Louis the day before the Georgia-Florida game for the first annual 'Stache Bash, celebrating all things mustache. The headliner for the event? John Oates, formerly of Hall and Oates. Great choice. No word yet on whether the event organizers are planning an intervention for Johnathan Crompton.

-- This is either the best bad news or the worst good news I've ever read.

-- And finally, this is a great list of the 20 most bizarre things sold on Craigslist. When I was living in San Diego, we tried to sell my roommate on Craigslist. The best offer we got was for someone's lazy husband and a six-pack of PBR. Sadly, we couldn't convince my roommate to follow through on the deal. I would have really liked that PBR.


Duncan said...

Calling a kid "Cornwallis Washington" is just asking for him to have an identity crisis. Isn't one gridiron alum with a personality disorder enough?

TreeDawg said...

On the field goal at the end of the half...It was a third down play, if they don't get the first down you have to get the f/g unit on immediately, I am assuming that CMR told the f/g unit to go out there immediately due to 3rd and long b/c you can't assume that the offense was going to pick up 1st down. You have to get pts. in that case and the f/g needed to be prepared to get on the field esp. w/ the ball in the middle of the field. Trust me it is not easy to get the f/g unit on the field and get a kick off in 10 sec. if the clock does not stop. I thought at first it was bad play but after watching the play and thinking about it was a pretty good job of coaching to get the kick unit on the field. Remember it was 3 & 20+!

Anonymous said...

"Cornwallis" Washington is good...just not as good as "Ochodos - King of the Slot".

HamDawg11 said...

If you need a laugh, go check out the top 20 on Craigslist, hilarious!

David said...

Ginger Assasin? Didn't they open for Yo La Tengo at the 40 Watt last year?