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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Richt Teleconference Notes (9/27)

No real big news coming from Richt's teleconference, but here are a few tidbits...

-- Obviously the turnovers continue to be an issue for Georgia, with the Dawgs now at -9 for the season. As it turns out, you can blame two of yesterday's three giveaways on the O line -- sort of.

Caleb King's fumble happened when Ben Jones was blocked into King and Jones' shoulder pad knocked the ball loose, Richt said.

Both of Cox's interceptions came on the exact same play call. On the first, Richt said Cox was forced to throw the ball too early after one of the linemen failed to pick up a stunt. The second INT, however, was simply a matter of Cox failing to check down to his secondary receiver. Cox said that, after watching the film, Aron White was open underneath both times.

-- After the game, Richt said he didn't think the offensive line played particularly well. The film study on Sunday simply underscored that notion. Richt said the line is still gelling, and they've had moments and even games they've played well, but yesterday was definitely not one of them.

-- As far as the running backs go, Richt said Caleb King and Richard Samuel were "both still learning," which I guess is a nice way of saying they aren't playing up to their potential at the moment.

-- Cordy Glenn played every snap at left tackle against Arizona State. The move was initially made as a means of slowing Dexter Davis, but Richt said the coaching staff was so happy Glenn's work that they kept him there for the entirety of the game. The only subbing came at left guard, where Vince Vance and Chris Davis split time. Richt said he wasn't sure whether that lineup would continue this week against LSU.

-- Richt gave high marks to Baccari Rambo and said he'll continue to see more playing time.


Toom said...

Just watched a replay and the INTs weren't as bad on TV as they appeared from my seat. Yes, the underneath was open both times. but on the second pick, AJ was open too, possibly for a TD, it was thrown WAY behind him.

Todd and Heather Harrell said...


I enjoy reading your blog. I'm a UGA alum who lives in Colorado. I'd like to see some comments about the polls this year. The inconsistency of the voters just begs for a play off in my opinion. Three examples...
1) How is Penn State ranked ahead of Iowa after Iowa crushed them in their own stadium at night?
2) How is USC back in the top ten after Washington loses to Stanford?
3) Ole Miss loses to South Carolina (which isn't a top 25 team now?) and drops to #21. USC loses to a Washington team that was winless last year and only drops to #12?
The polls are becoming laughable. And this is how we want to pick the BCS?


JRL said...

I have to agree with CMR - the OL was a big disappointment Saturday.

I felt like the OL was our strength coming into the year - evidently I am a poor judge of talent.