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Friday, September 11, 2009

How Healthy is Joe?

What Joe Schad gets wrong yesterday, he makes up for today. Joe Cox is still figuring to start tomorrow, but there are a lot of good quotes from him in this story that underscore that he simply isn't at 100 percent -- and was far from it last week.


Travis said...

that being said, how healthy can he get playing through this. Also, how healthy can he get during the season playing through the pain?

My view on this, put in Logan or Aaron and lets get the younger guys some game play. At this point Joe has only started 1 game for us, and his play wasn't horrible. If we don't have him at 100% for the full season, why don't we use a guy that is? I'm all for backing up Joe, and giving him his playing dues. I mean I know he put time in through the system and everything.....but at some point salvaging a season and building the future of this program should take precedence over anything else.

Riley said...

It hurts lifting a bookbag, but not when he's getting hit by huge defensive linemen? Yea, this isn't making me feel more comfortable.

Josh G. said...

So, last week we started a quarterback that needed an IV before the game, had trouble breathing, was weak, and has a painful degenerative muscle and nerve condition in his throwing arm.


Anonymous said...

Im sorry but Cox must not play. First of all he is not that great when completely healthy but now that driving, DRIVING, hurts he must sit. Im sorry for Joe but we have three vht QBS waiting in line. I have to believe that they might be as prepared but are better for the team.

Todd said...

I can only go by what I have SEEN, not what I have read. When people point to the Colorado game, I point out the long pass that MoMass had to play db on. If he doesn't knock it away, there is no chance of a "comeback". I also remember a night in Oxford, Mississippi. What I SAW in Stillwater last week makes me sick inside.

Please don't forget Cox was a package deal with MoMass. Elite 11 yadda yadda yadda, so was Blake Barnes and 4 or 5 other names each year that are never heard from again. This ain't Independance High!

Ask yourself if Nick Saban, Urban Meyer, or Les Miles gets caught like this. Ask yourself again if Bobo or Martinez could get hired by any of those coaches. The simple answer is no. That is why Georgia will never get over the hump. Kirby Smart is raiding Georgia with diamond in the roughs, while Georgia is recruiting the Celebs like Caleb King. How is he working out?

Shall we talk about guys playing out of position? Brandon Miller ring a bell? How about Samuel? If you think samuel is a tailback, then watch to see how many times he goes down with first contact. He runs like somebody with inner ear problems. What is behind him? Carlton Thomas a shade better than Tyson Browning. Pretty obvious he is the latest in the line of undersized backs that Richt thinks is the next Warrick Dunn. Bryan Evans is still getting good looks at wr's making touchdown catches. Does he realize he is playing, and THAT IS NOT JUST GOOD SEATS?

Stafford never had the luxury of a veteran O-line. It doesn't matter if Cox has one or not. The loyalty to the program is commendable, but he needs to sit. If your going to lose, lose with a freshman. My fear is that AJ Green, the single greatest WR to come to Georgia, will leave with pedestrian like numbers.

It has been a trend, but Georgia is going down while others are going up. Watch players and coaches at other schools, and see if they are playing and coaching better than what Georgia has. Alabama's defense is flying around the ball, Carolina has a tough D, Paul Johnson made a great call with the fake punt( not only timing but execution). Flame away, but if don't agree....continue to be pissed off on Sunday mornings and my guess is you believe in "moral victories"

Anonymous said...

Okay, everybody raise your hand if you believe CMR wasn't kidding about Aaron Murray starting...Y'all remember how they were last week about Branden Smith, trying to be sneaky. I just think it fits CMR's personality lately to do it this way. Any thoughts?

JRL said...

Good grief is all I can muster up.............well except for this

If a wounded Joe Cox is better than the others then the coaches have totally dropped the ball recruiting.

HamDawg11 said...

I'm feeling sick to my stomach already about Sat night. The SC game is always tough to watch, but I think it's gonna be downright ugly this year.

Please let my fears be unfounded.

Anonymous said...

Your quote, "Ask yourself if Nick Saban, Urban Meyer, or Les Miles gets caught like this."
Did you watch even a little of LSU's Quarterback play last year?

Anonymous said...

"Ask yourself if Nick Saban, Urban Meyer, or Les Miles gets caught like this."

Are you kidding?

There's a reason why "Jarrett Lee" is a verb.

As for Urban, well...that was his defense continually crapping itself in 2007.

As for Saban, well...that was his OL getting dominated in the Sugar Bowl.

Anonymous said...

"Paul Johnson made a great call with the fake punt"

Paul Johnson's team needed a bogus call to stave off blowing a 24-point lead and losing. At home. Way to go, Paul.

Anonymous said...

Mark Richt has stolen my milk money. Twice.

Silver Dawg said...

I have gut feeling that one bottle of bourbon may not be quite enuff..........tonight.

Todd said...

Lae miles qb, he finally found Jefferson and punked GT in the bowl. Not just beat them, they humiliated them.
Saban lost a 1st round left tackle before the bowl. Before that they man handled d-lines in the SEC.

Urban Meyer (charlie Strong) defenses didn't get ass raped like Willie's do.

The common thing with these coaches is that they find the answers. Clemson made adjustments and stopped GT. Their d-coordinator worked for Saban last year(Kevin Steele).Nobody chose to answer about Bobo and Martinez being able to be hired by those coaches.

Be sure these coaches will use Okie St. game to recruit against Georgia. They put an incompeteent qb in after knowing he was hurt because he has been loyal. We thought Joe Cox wouldn't be the nightmare that was Joe. T III. The 5th year , knowing the pkaybook, smart, is all bullshit. It hasn't equated to winning at Georgia.

Here is another question for ya! When was the last time Georgia beat somebody they weren't supposed to?

I knew Mark Richt and company didn't have what it took to win championships, when they chose to go in at halftime of the bowl game last year. Mark Richt is on the way to becoming an 8 win team every year like Jim Donnan. New blood is needed badly. Mark Richt is a great frontman for a university, but these assistants stink it up. Let's see if he is a good CEO.

Billy Barou said...

You know the situation we are in now completely intensifies my feelings about something that completely baffled me last year, namely that Logan Grey missed QUARTERBACK meetings to get in SPECIAL TEAMS work (not to mention the fact that Prince Miller appears to be a tremendous weapon at punt returner anyway)

Chicken Little said...

The sky is falling! The sky is falling!