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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Richt Confirms Cox is His QB

Give Mark Richt credit for this, he knows how to deliver a punchline to a captive audience.

Richt entered today’s meeting with the media and immediately addressed the various reports by UGA Sports and ESPN that Joe Cox was injured and Logan Gray would get the start against South Carolina.

“There were some reports that Logan Gray was going to start at quarterback for Georgia, but that’s not true.” Richt said. “Aaron Murray is.”

A nice, long pause followed before Richt admitted he was kidding – a joke I think he found slightly more amusing than the rest of us.

“Joe’s the quarterback, and we’re good,” Richt said. “It’s not unusual to have your second-team QB take a couple snaps with your (first) unit.”

Of course, while Richt’s denial of the report was adamant, he’s diffusing of the details of the rumor weren’t quite as enthusiastic.

Richt was asked if Cox took snaps with the No. 1 unit Wednesday and whether the senior quarterback was experiencing any shoulder problems, as was reported in the UGA Sports story, and he didn’t directly respond to the inquiry.

“What we’ve been doing with Joe is giving him off Wednesday as far as throwing the ball, and then Thursday he’ll work,” Richt said. “The guy’s been here five years, he’s getting old. We want to make sure his arm is as fresh as it can be.”

The “getting old” part was meant as a joke, too, but Richt did say the Wednesdays off would remain the routine for Cox in order to ensure the quarterback is ready for game day.

“We want Joe to have as much pop as he can have, and that’s why he’s doing it,” Richt said.

Richt also said Cox is completely over the virus that forced him to take a later flight to Oklahoma after experiencing flu-like symptoms a week ago.

As for Gray, Richt said he’ll continue to get work with the first-team offense and Murray and fellow freshman Zach Mettenberger will only work with the scout teams.

“He’ll get the second most amount of reps behind Joe,” Richt said. “I don’t think the other two will take a snap.”


MikeInValdosta said...

So, we are two devastating snaps away from a scout team qb?

In the old days Leeburn could have made it worth it for Stafford to stay. #GoodTimes

Alan Ashley said...

How tired can the arm be, he's been on the bench and playing mop up for 4 years. I guess by CMR's take Brett Favre should never take a snap or throw in practice.

All CMR did with his "jokes" were to fuel the fire that will be a QB controversy unless Joe puts a few wins under the belt and looks like a 5th year senior.

Paul said...

First, I wouldn't directly answer the question if I were MR, either. Why tell Tyrone Nix that the QB has a sore arm and/or injury of any kind?

Mike, when haven't we been two snaps away from a scout team QB?

Hey Alan, Brett did miss all of training camp, right?

MikeInValdosta said...

General, Fair point. Isn't that a problem?

JoshG. said...

The upside to all of this confusion: Bulldogs still under radar!

Anonymous said...

Good points General.

I agree. We don't want to tip our hand to Tyrone long as there is a possibility that both Georgia and Ole Miss make it to the SEC Championship Game.

Ant123 said...

David, What do you think the chance is Logan Grey gets at least one series on Sat? Thanks you.

David Hale said...

my crystal ball says 'yes' -- but know this: Richt doesn't want a QB controversy, and he's not going to get himself involved with one just so Gray can see the field. It'll have to be in a situation where it's not undermining Cox or where Cox has essentially lost the job (which I don't think happens this week).

MikeInValdosta said...

DH, in your opinion is this a long term vs short term success issue. Or is it just loyalty to Cox?

David Hale said...

A little of both.

For one, Cox definitely has the best knowledge of how to run the offense, and with so many young players around him, it's more important this year than ever to have a leader at QB.

Second, Cox probably gives Georgia its best chance to win today, and the season is far from a point when Richt should be looking ahead.

Third, a QB controversy just muddies the waters rather than fixes problems.

But I don't think we've heard the last of this story.