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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

UGA-Fla Game Likely to Stay Put

From UGA release...

The University of Georgia Athletic Association Board of Directors at its regular quarterly meeting Wednesday approved a recommendation by Director of Athletics Damon Evans to move forward with negotiations to extend the contract for the annual Georgia-Florida game to be held in Jacksonville.

The current contract runs through 2010. Evans will move forward with discussions with the University of Florida and the City of Jacksonville to extend the contract six years through 2016.

“An extraordinary amount of study has been done on the various options available and a great deal of input has been gathered,” said Evans.
“After all the fact-gathering and evaluation of those factors, I’m convinced that moving forward with discussions on extending the contract in Jacksonville is the appropriate way to go. I’m delighted the Board feels the same way.”

Evans cited several key points in the recommendation including the history and tradition of the game and the fact that it has become “a national game and part of the fiber of college football.” He also noted among other things the economic impact on the southern part of the state of Georgia as an important consideration along with the exposure provided in the state of Florida as a recruiting ground for UGA.

In addition to the Georgia-Florida discussion approval, the Board also approved funds to develop plans for two facility enhancement projects: a Stegeman Coliseum concourse renovation and expansion; and a project behind the north stands of Sanford Stadium that would provide a multi-function amenity supporting both the game day event and the campus on non-event days.


Phil said...

"He also noted among other things the economic impact on the southern part of the state of Georgia as an important consideration along with the exposure provided in the state of Florida as a recruiting ground for UGA".

That last part has to be a joke. A recruiting ground for us? If I were a FL recruit that game (if it played out like it has the majority of the previous two decades) would keep me from considering UGA entirely.

And he's trying to tell us that one long weekend economically stimulates southern GA? I would believe it if he said it stimulates St. Simons' economy (you can rarely find a vacant hotel there and the liquor stores must make tons of money that weekend) because that is true.

I'm not one who would argue about moving the game back and forth from the Georgia Dome to Jax every year, I personally would like to see home-away games between the teams again. Wishful thinking I'm sure, but a man can dream.

Anonymous said...

Aaron Murray and Orson Charles were both from Florida and UF recruits. His statements are valid.

And as far as the South Georgia economy goes, it has to be one of the biggest weekends down there. People traveling and spending money and you can't find a condo anywhere near.

bnwdog14 said...

AMEN!!!!!! This in one decision Damon Evans and Michael Adams recommended that I could not agree with more. Anyone who opposes the game being played in Jacksonville has not truly experienced the game, atmosphere, etc. If there was only one game a year I could attend it would be THE WORLDS LARGEST OUTDOOR COCKTAIL PARTY! I have seen us win only three times since UF came to Athens (my freshman year) but those wins, with the exception of the hobnail boot game in Knoxville, were the most invigorating wins I have experienced on the road. Here's hoping UF never plays in Athens and UGA never has to go to the Swamp. Those proposing the Dome have never experienced tailgating with vagrants, being harassed all day long or having all of their stuff stolen while at the game.

ernest said...

The national sports media laughs at us saying that is a netural site. I have been to several of Jax games back in the 60's and i can tell you that it doesn't compare to a fall weekend in Athens.

Anonymous said...

It's gonna be so awesome getting drunk by the river and watching us go 2-4 in the Gators backyard for another 6 years. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!