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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wednesday Links (6/10)

So I just spent an hour writing up a links post only for my computer to crash just before I finished it. So now this is my second attempt which will contain far less witty banter and potentially a lot more cursing.

-- For the first time in a long time, Georgia is actually starting to feel pretty healthy.

-- David Ching writes an interesting piece that says Mark Richt is hoping to be a bit more relaxed this offseason after beginning last season worn out.

-- I had a chance to chat with Macon Dawg at the Pigskin Preview yesterday, and I'm glad to know I'll have a lawyer lined up in case my computer crashes again and I go on a killing spree. In the meantime, he's put together a great recap of the day's events, including answers to some questions some of my readers have asked about Richt's summer plans and the kicking game.

-- Both the AJ-C and Banner-Herald had stories up yesterday about John Knox's career at Georgia likely being done for good, but now I can't find either on their Web sites. Not sure what happened there, but the recently hitched Jay Adams has some thoughts from GMC head coach Bert Williams on the addition of Knox to his program within this notebook. (NOTE: Jay Adams loves pepper. He hates cinnamon.)

-- The Telegraph has some cool photos from yesterday's Pigskin Preview session at the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame.

-- Scout has a great wrap-up and discussion of Georgia's newest high-profile recruit, Da'Rick Rogers.

-- ESPN's Tom Luginbill thinks Rogers will have an immediate impact next season for the Dawgs.

-- Chris Low says Georgia has the toughest non-conference schedule in the SEC (no surprise there). Thankfully this scheduling issue was brought to light by the Banner-Herald or we never would have heard about it. (No, I'm really not bitter.)

-- Everyone in Athens should breathe a big sigh of releif that UGA didn't hire Tim Floyd and went with Dennis Felton instead. Imagine if this type of recruiting scandal had happened at Georgia on the heels of the Jim Harrick fiasco. The hoops program could have been down for the count.

-- Speaking of off-field issues, Jeremy Fowler takes a look at all 24 player arrests at Florida since Coach Meyers took over.

-- Trevor Holder went to the Nationals in Round 3, and Rich Poythress was taken by the Mariners in Round 2 of yesterday's baseball draft.

-- 960 the Ref talks with recent draftee Trevor Holder. And scroll down a bit and you'll find an interview with Rachel Nichols of ESPN in which she talks about her role in the infamous E:60 story on Matthew Stafford and Maria Sharapova.

-- Down in the high school ranks, Georgia had two of the top six picks come from in state.

-- Eye on Sports Media looks at how the SEC is handling the burgeoning Twitter phenomenon.

-- Vince Dooley's wife will be speaking in Columbus on Thursday night.

-- This post counts down the most bizarre series finales of all time. I'm on record as saying "Newhart" was my all-time favorite finale, and I loved the conclusion to "The Sopranos." I also think the last "Seinfeld" was misunderstood and underrated.

-- If you haven't already, go see "The Hangover." Hilarious. And here's a good story on how the movie got made.

-- If you haven't seen it already, Mark-Paul Gosselaar shows up on Jimmy Fallon as Zack Morris to promote Fallon's quest for a "Saved by the Bell" reunion.

-- And finally, I want to thank all of you who congratulated me on being drafted by the Braves in the third round. It will be a tough decision for me, as I already have a lucrative NFL career and NHL career in addition to my newspaper responsibilities.

Seriously though, if you want some background on the Braves' David Hale, Bloomburg had a good story about him last month.

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