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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Video Blog: Paul Johnson

Georgia Tech head coach Paul Johnson talks about his school's competition with Georgia.


chris said...

GA Tech breeds Terrorism. 'nough said!

NCT said...

"One has 40,000 students, the other 12."

Really? I suppose a little exaggeration never hurt anyone, but it sounded to me as though he were comparing the entire UGA student body with the GT undergraduate student body. So I checked.

According to the Trade School's website, in 2008, they had a total enrollment of 19,400, and an undergrad enrollment of 13,000.

According to UGA, fall 2008 saw a total enrollment of 34,180, and an undergrad enrollment of 25,303.

Yeah, that's a big difference, but it's not a 28,000 student difference.

Patrick said...

Paul Johnson looks like an aged Corky from "Life Goes On" in the still freeze picture from the start of this video. Oh yea, and like Chris said... Tech=Terrorism. High five to Chris...